Uchouten Kazoku Episode 11 Notes

September 15th, 2013.

Will people die? Who will die? Again, going to try and not pause a lot, since I prefer this show to keep its pace.

Thoughts and Notes:

No OP – shit’s real. Also, Yasaburo – you should always strive to be the best at whatever it is you are/do, even if that is being an idiot.

Benten knows all about your reconciliation dinners, Ebisugawa. Also, all these years of hoarding those “Don’t fuck with me” points Benten has? It’s time to cash them in. You can also call them “Badass Points” if you’d like. You know you do.

“I haven’t got a single thing I want” – this is not Benten’s arc as a tragic heroine, but Benten’s arc as a lonely person. She has all these things, but they’re not truly what she wants, they’re not people or emotions – this is more or less the same thoughts I had regarding 26 and the mayor in this week’s Gatchaman Crowds episode. Also, please don’t pity Benten, it’s the last thing she wants, or is it?

“Why didn’t you say anything?” – “You didn’t ask.” – this is the 2nd time it happens in the show, could someone remind me of the first time?

You know what? This is the thing I find most interesting about this show, and so little talked of, at least directly – people talk of, or rather question, how Yasaburo can keep being friendly with Benten even though she ate his father, but I find it interesting how he walks after her, you’d think he’d say “Goodbye” and turn around but he keeps walking after her. Part of it is the lure of the moon (you guys are aware Benten is the moon, right? Aside from her looks, and that rooftop scene – also how unreachable she is), but also that he has no other options. She comes around knowing she’s the best option he has, if not the only one, each time. And also, he can’t truly escape her.

I can see where this is going – Yasaburo is “sharp and fearless” according to his mother, but according to his brother he inherited his idiocy – in other words, like a shounen protagonist, he’s too much of an idiot to be fearful.

Mother, you’re such a speciesist! “That’s not something a tanuki would do, but a human or a tengu.”

“We brothers must know that there is honor in having pride, even and especially if our eyes are full of tears.” – crying is not the opposite of having self-respect. Tears can be dignified.

Then again, I was happier when I read it as “We brothers must know that there is no honor in having pride.”

And they close the episode with the same sentiment of “If we’ll be idiots, then we’ll embody it to the fullest, also because it’s our connection to our father, to our Tanuki history,” with which they opened it, which is a nice touch.

Well, that next episode preview showed us who’s coming back – can’t let your family down, can you?

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