Uchouten Kazoku Episode 10 Notes

September 8th, 2013.

I’ve always said you should let this show wash over you. The notes I take stand between me and letting the show wash over me. I’m going to fight back, and try to only take notes after the show. Well, if something super major happens I’ll make a 2-3 words’ note in order to remember it for after the episode.

Idle Thoughts; Silly Autumn Weather:

Well, Yasaburo got the father’s trait that doesn’t wish to be Nise-emon, the eldest brother got the part that does – but he still supports him, family.

I really like the frog. I consider it a mighty success on the show’s part that I like the frog so much, spouting existentialist lines all over the place, “It ain’t easy being green,” y’know?

The show keeps focusing on Kaisei – first by never letting us see her, and then by wondering all the time what she truly meant – that is, we really need to pay attention to her words.

The brothers accused frog-onii-san of leading to his father’s death – and as they said, if a family member had been the cause, then it’s unthinkable. You got to wonder if they’ve known their father caused his own brother’s death. Now, with cousins, they may not think as much of it, but eesh. That’s the other side of it – there’s family, and there’s family.

There’s one thing that we’re still really left in the dark about – the demon tree incident or whatever, where sensei lost his powers, and where supposedly Benten had broken away from him.

I don’t think Benten needs the Ebisugawa help this time, she can choose who she wants to pluck, so the little plan might backfire on the Ebisugawas.

Well, we’re clearly moving towards a classic showdown, after the show had been so “Strange” thus far (I don’t mean it in a judgmental sense). I won’t be surprised if Yasaburo turns huge and thus gets Nise-emon, but no, that’s not where the show had been leading us thus far – it is all about connections, relationships, and family. Not just the blood family, and the preview also goes there. Benten, the tanuki-loving professor, the old tengu. They will all get their part.

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