Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 1 Notes

January 8th, 2015.

The manga ended, and the mangaka (manga author) was unhappy with it, so he started a spin-off. The anime is going to diverge from the manga, but the mangaka is working with the anime team on it. Lots of weird things going on in Tokyo Ghoul-land, but it doesn’t matter, as the show will stand or fall on its own merits.

Last episode ended with Kaneki Ken “breaking”, about him finally becoming one who isn’t a bridge between humans and ghouls, but becoming just one more step in the never-ending cycle of anguish. A traumatized being tortured him, so he tortured him later. Now it remains to be seen how he’ll deal with his former friends, with the big wide world, and his place within it.

And yeah, we’ve got several fights promised by the penultimate episode.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) “Action”:

Tokyo Ghoul Root A anime episode 1 notes - Kirishima Ayato bites into Touka

1) Hide! Driving to the scene where everything’s going on, what a friend. Either he’ll pull Kaneki back, or it’d end up quite terribly.

2) Ah right, “The Owl” and all that stuff from the penultimate episode, we’re back to it. Also, is it just me, or are the characters drawn much sharper and the colours are much more vivid, this season?

3) But how they stand there and talk, Amon and his superior, with nothing but their jaws moving, and then a single arm. No animation.

4) Talk about sibling rivalry. It does make me think of Legacy of Kain, heh.

5) Prototype gear, super-powerful enemy, but the fight looks half-baked. CG isn’t helping.

6) The two top dogs in their protective prototype gear look like bargain bin RPG covers. Disappointing.

7) Right, Quinques are made from ghouls, so you want them to power up? Just let them take a bit out of you.

8) “We each try to justify it by saying it’s right, but there is no reason that allows one to kill another.” – Sounds like Kaneki, who wants to break the cycle of hatred. Is this why he only took the leader’s arm a decade ago?

9) And of course, we’re already showing hints of the next group to get themselves involved. Watching from the sidelines.

2) Repercussions and Reverberations:

Tokyo Ghoul Root A anime episode 1 notes - Clown mask

1) How long stuff kept collapsing for made it slightly movie-like. They really gave it a lot of screen time.

2) Everyone watching from afar, wearing ridiculous masks. Makes me think of Bleach.

3) “Clowns always get the last laugh.” – Corny dad-joke level, achieved.

4) Those shots where snow falls down very slowly by Kaneki are nice, look and atmosphere wise. They’re essentially still shots though.

5) And so, Kaneki Ken is leaving to Aogiri rather than stay at Anteiku, those who attack others, rather than those who try to coexist. A change within him. But he does so knowing Ayato is looking to protect something dear to him. Hm.

6) That insert song as Kaneki left Touka behind. Feels like a cour-finale, not starter, heh.

OP – The colours are neat as always, and it fits the sort of surreal feeling of the art, but my reaction could only be summarized as “meh”. Utterly forgettable.

ED – Nothing special either, but I love the art-style, reminds me of Transistor (the video game by Super Giant Games).

Post Episode Thoughts:

Tokyo Ghoul Root A anime episode 1 notes - Shinohara Yukinori is badly drawn

I actually liked Tokyo Ghoul’s first season. So it pains me to say this, but this was the worst and most needless of Tokyo Ghoul episodes up to this point. I’ll go as far as to say that this episode could’ve been cut into 3 minutes, which is about how much of it was actually animated.

Yes, bad production values won’t stop me from loving a show, but that the actual fights were so lethargic, that people stood in tense postures without moving anything but their jaws for over 30 seconds at a time, that the super-powered armours and the owl looked half baked, it was just bad.

The real issue is, what was worthwhile in this episode? Let me sum it up to you, and the most important bit didn’t really “happen” in this episode, but was just an outgrowth of last one – Kaneki decides to leave the human-coexisting Anteiku behind for Aogiri, those who will do anything to protect what’s important to them. The real question is, what’s important to Kaneki, at this point?

We’ve had him saying goodbye to Touka, and him learning why Ayato is in Aogiri, though we aren’t made privy to the details just yet, and that’s that.

This episode is lucky it’s the first episode in the second half, because the lack of energy reminded me of Tokyo ESP’s first two episodes, and as a premier, it was just bad. The amount of time spent and wasted on the building collapsing was a good example of this episode in a nutshell.

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