Tokyo ESP Episode 2 Notes

July 19th, 2014.


Tokyo ESP anime Episode 2 Notes - Skull-crushing Psy-kick!

So episode 1 felt heavy, it wasn’t just an issue of not knowing what is going on – in terms of plot and structure it had everything it should, but it missed something to make it /enjoyable/.

Let’s see how the 2nd one fares. I also came to this show expecting “floating fish and penguins” and something more whimsical. I did hear from manga-readers it’ll be a shounen battler, hm.

The opening fight just felt completely weightless. It was as if I were watching two characters walking towards one another. Even her kick, her final punch… no weight behind them, at all.


Screenshot album, sometimes NSFW.

OP – Erm, ok, good levels of energy, but entirely forgettable. No real oomph or anything behind it.

Tokyo ESP anime Episode 2 Notes - Rinka doesn't believe in miracles

Censoring her crotch with darkness. This looks awkward.

Uncontrollable powers, very X-men.

Such a mundane and utilitarian thought – “Flying penguin? We’ll be rich if I catch that! Goodbye to being broke!” – A way to show us how she didn’t believe in miracles.

So, a gift from the flying fish? But seeing them means she was different to begin with. Potential, which they’ve unlocked? I wonder.

“Fights are more fun when they’re flashy!” – wish this show truly learned that.

“Gaining power means gaining that much more responsibility” – We Spiderman now.

“Everything here has irreplaceable history and contains the feelings of countless people. Someone who doesn’t understand that has no right to steal them!” – Such a shounen line.

ED and lack of weight to various things – the vocals are way too weak. I am pretty sure that the sound-levels in this are wrong. Funimation or original company? Not sure. But lack of proper balance of sound can rob a show of some weight. Fights and physical impacts rely quite a bit on audio cues. – Checked the raws, felt the same. Hm.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Tokyo ESP anime Episode 2 Notes - Rinka and the ESPers of Justice!

Ok, the above were thoughts I’ve had while watching the episode. The issue with this series is that… it feels weightless. Nothing has any impact. How can you make a girl drop-kicking someone, with a full-on title-drop, speed lines, and a dramatic angle feel so inconsequential? Somehow this show manages!

Considering it’s supposed to be a shounen battler, that doesn’t bode well. Heck, the flying fish, the flying penguin? They felt almost mundane. There was no sense of wonderment to it all. Direction and sound-direction probably played a part, as different and slower takes on the fish and the penguin, and music would’ve helped.

Yes, Rinka “doesn’t believe in miracles”, but watching the show, neither do I. Things were slightly better in the “slice of life” “Oh my God! I have powers!” segments, and we already know Black Fist is going to be an ally. Here we see how all the ESPers are rising, and the whole “only ESPers can stop ESPers” angle. But I don’t think we’ve gained anything from the first episode, except we already know Rinka will use her powers to help others, and that the director has no clue on how to make interesting fights.

might give it another episode. It coming out on Friday is helping its cause. But this show isn’t even “popcorn” level, cause there’s little to enjoy here. There’s just… nothing.

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