Tokyo ESP Episode 1 Notes

July 11th, 2014.

First Impressions of X-Men the Anime

“There are two ways to live your life: Either as if nothing is a miracle, or as if everything is.” That’s a nice statement, especially for a show which I picked up based on someone seeing fish fly through the air, and then I’ve been told it’s by Ga-Rei’s creator, and is a popcorn shounen, for the most part? Hm.

Screenshot Album.


Tokyo ESP anime Episode 1 Notes - Blood and Gore

The animation is sharp. Everything but some CGI is looking good. Sadly, I’m watching it on Funimation which is never as solid, but the character designs are crisp, the action looks good, the environments look well-done, and the various moments where pieces of the OST appear are also all good. Top notch stuff from Xebec.

ED – I imagine this is what it’d sound like if ALI Project did something more rock/metal? Huh. I liked it. It was quite weird at times, but I liked it quite a bit.

Themes / Plot:

The series opened with shots showing us the two main characters of Ga-Rei Zero, reminding us we’re in the same universe, and then panned out to show us there are soldiers everywhere.

We see people going about their business, and soldiers everywhere, so we know something is going on, even if not right now. Like Ga-Rei Zero, it’s a very good “in media res”, just dropping us into business. For some reason, I didn’t feel any real sense of urgency in this episode. While everything “worked”, nothing… grabbed me?

Thus far things seemed to be very much “X-Men”, we have psychics who wished for an independent governance zone, who treat humans as an inferior species. Humans versus psychics, and then the “Good Psychics” arrive. The psychics are aided by technology, and quite a few of the powers used were quite nice.

Tokyo ESP anime Episode 1 Notes - The Good Espers

The shounen sensibilities also shone through, how we have destined fighters, how our MC(?) is the strongest one around, and a “known entity”, but we also have her friends, who are closer to normal kids. And especially, “You can’t give up” or “Give it your all!”

Even the “Shield-woman” whom they punched – that was so “MUDA! MUDA! MUDA!” and then a fire punch into astar? Hee. The similarity to JoJo isn’t accidental in terms of themes, in shounens the enemies tell you you’re powerless, and you overcome them, showing even as a single person (“What could a single girl do?” about The White Girl) can change the world and overcome all opposition.

The “gore” was very much in line with Ga-Rei Zero’s beginning, and looked good, but eh.

I’m not sold yet. We still haven’t really met the MC, or found out what this show will be like. I’ll give it at least one more episode, I guess. Even though there was good action, somehow it all felt “weightless”. Weird.

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