The Rolling Girls Episode 2 Notes

January 17th, 2015.

Leave-taking, In Style

The first episode was somewhat lacking, though it’s given us characters and motivations, it didn’t really delve into any of them, it also didn’t really give us some narrative or thematic “hook”. Finally, with so many names of people and organizations, I could barely keep track. Thinking about it, I suspect it’s actually a two-part premier, and the first episode suffered because it was only half of it. I suspect after this episode the four main characters will group together and leave this small town, which is also why all the names we can’t recall don’t really matter.

Well, time to see Maccha Green save all her friends, and how it makes for an “origin story” for Nozomi. Also, I trust it’d be exceedingly colourful, once again :)

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album part 1, and part 2.

1) Masks. Heroes. Saviors:

The Rolling Girls anime episode 2 notes - Utoki Masami coming to the rescue on her bike

1) That bike-jump. Time to save the day, Matoi Ryuuko, err, Masami!

2) LOL! “Amazing! And then?” – And then they all realize they’re going to die.

3) Shigyo wants to fight Masami, that’s the real deal. Of course, she’s been fighting her, as Maccha Green. The question then becomes, why is Masami hiding her true nature?

4) Makes sense, everyone but Nozomi knew, heh.

5) Ah ha, Shigyo wants to verify whether the power is Masami’s or the suit’s, and if it’s the suit’s, then to take it. “Clothes are power!” – Kill la Kill, is that you? :P

2) The Darkness Within:

The Rolling Girls anime episode 2 notes - Shigyo Kuniko taunts Utoku Masami

1) “No matter how you look at it, it’s just a suit.” – And here I thought for a moment Otonashi will play the straight man. Well, there’s nothing straight about her ;-)

2) Seems the president intervened, supercharging the rollercoaster, to make sure the girls are fine.

3) “They’re not shrine carpenters, they’re carpenters of darkness.” – So, did they truly construct a roadway to hell, or is the goal to scare everyone shitless? Seems it might be, seems they designed the ride to not fall, and such.

4) Yeah, Otonashi talked big about how the Twin Towers Declaration doesn’t matter, but that was to scare Masami. Now she’s worried herself, lest they get spanked for violating the rules.

3) High Action. Crazy Action:

The Rolling Girls anime episode 2 notes - Moritomo Nozomi stares down ruin

1) Thank you, Crocodile mask, for saving my life in this time of need. Amen.

2) Den-san jumping made me think of Ping-Pong the Animation, of all things, in terms of style.

3) Nozomi getting excited at the wrong time.

4) “A peaceful world is too uncool.” – That’s what the lyrics say, and what seems to be a major point of the show.

5) He has a point, the Rest always get blown away, so they learn how to survive being around the Best fighting.

6) Oh right, Masami had too much to eat at the impromptu eating competition, then engaged in vigorous exercise, including being super-punched in her stomach :P

4) Our Traumatized Roots:

The Rolling Girls anime episode 2 notes - Crying Utoku Masami

1) Oh man, this scene really got heavy. Masami is trying to protect her friend, but is she truly worried she’d get herself killed, or she doesn’t want her to worry? Well, she surely doesn’t want her to worry, but what prompted this? There’s definitely guilt involved, as Masami pretended to drown, and it’s Nozomi who ended up drowning.

2) So, Masami looked up to Shigyo in the past, until Shigyo became the thing she fought. Vigilantes, they fought them, by becoming vigilantes as well.

3) So, that little heart is the mark of the Best. They’re those with a big heart, makes sense. Also, “There are no heroes to save us, it’s all up to me.” Makes sense. I bet when Nozomi almost drowned, Masami made a vow to protect her, and became a Best as well.

4) “You can start over!” – “Don’t be ridiculous, she’ll be contradicting the past ten years of her life!” – In other words, it’s just like becoming invested in a video game, anime, a sports team – you must justify the time spent, which gets in the way of correcting past errors, and trying to force reality to conform to them being “right”. And so it goes, villains who wished to be heroes. Makes you wonder about her followers, who follow a villain.

5) The Journey to Find The Lost Hearts:

The Rolling Girls anime episode 2 notes - Misono Chiaya holding a heart

1) The President took back the hearts. Hm.

2) See, Nozomi is doing exactly what she said she wouldn’t, she’s trying to act as if she’s a Best. I bet that’s what the show is going to be about, Four Rest girls trying to stand in for a Best.

3) So, what of Nozomi’s school, eh? :P

4) That little girl looks somewhat like the President, who is apparently the one who gave out the hearts of power, so there might be something to that.

5) The girls are going to look for hearts. Will they look for an external source of power, via the stones, or will they look for it within? Will looking for it be trying to help others? I wonder.

OP – Lovely. I liked the sound, which was alright, I loved the energy, it had a distinct visual flair, or, well, 3-4 different ones. The girls together looked similar to Sora no Woto to me. Man, it’s been a long time since a season had so many OPs I liked, or didn’t find utterly forgettable.

Post Episode Thoughts:

The Rolling Girls anime episode 2 notes - Utoku Masami saves Moritomo Nozomi

My thoughts from last week, as noted in the pre-episode section seem to have been correct, this was essentially a two-part premier. The downside is we spent a lot of time on characters and world-building that didn’t entirely get us invested, and didn’t always make sense. The upside is, that it didn’t really make sense and we can’t remember who’s who isn’t going to haunt us, I hope.

There are more mysteries hinted at. The real question is, what is the show even going to be like from now on? Will it be episodic, with the girls encountering a new situation each and every week? Will we focus on the world, the girls? It’d probably focus on the visual spectacle though – there’s a reason I took 275 screenshots today, because this show sort of demands it, and yet, you need gifs and webms to truly capture the sense of movement.

It was an alright episode, and the moment about Nozomi drowning was good, but I expected things to become much more dire before our girls left on their journey, though that might have run counter to the carefree vibe of the show thus far. Well, next week we’ll see what the show wants to actually be like, while the first two weeks are further proof more series could benefit a double-episode premier, not just Fate/ shows.

(Also, Funimation’s encoding is making me sad. You can almost see jpg artifacts in the show.)

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