The Pilot’s Love Song / Koiuta Episode 8 Notes

February 24th, 2014.

The Rain of Tears and Fuel Continues

Well, now everyone is going to want to fly into the air and get a piece of the action, and we saw the home-base of the sky-clan, which is another floating island, seemingly larger than Isla. I’m sure Claire will have to play her part, or cry in anguish over how she can’t do anything. I bet her powers will manifest to save Karl who will then be appalled at Claire being Nina Viento, it can’t really go any other way, right? Question is whether it’ll happen this week or next one, I guess.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Entrée (Fights / World):

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 8 notes anime - Wolfgang

1) Such difference in firepower and technology – a closed plane you can shoot endless bullets from, compared to weird open planes where someone shoots with a mechanical action bolt O.o

2) I still wonder, how are they even having a chance, how are they taking down so many, fighting with much flimsier and slower aircrafts, not to mention the relative firepower… on the ground as well – single-bolt compared to automatic rifles.

3) I get the feeling that in the blue airplane, in the Seagull, we’ve got the admiral, the storied war-hero, who said he’ll be “back” soon. I suspect he knows the truth, and comes from beyond, wherever that is. But no wind-powers from Claire just yet.

Well, guess it’s not the admiral, as we see him still in head-quarters.

4) Also, this show has a really fitting use of its OST.

5) That’s an emblem intended to frighten, looks more like the emblem you put on a fighter jet, to scare off your enemies.

2) Main Dish (Drama / Relationships):

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 8 notes anime - Ariel Albus and Karl la Hire / Kal-el Albus

1) “What do you expect you can do?” – “How can you be so calm?” – These work whichever way you order them. Just because you can’t do anything doesn’t mean you should accept it calmly is what Claire is arguing for, while Ignacio is saying, “Why should I lose my calm when nothing can be had as a result of it?”

2) Goodbye, dear friend. You died, but we’ll remember you, hopefully, maybe…

3) “We’re risking our lives here, don’t mess up.” – “I know, I haven’t whined once today!” said the older sibling who’s a cadet in the military :D Yeah, we’re so proud of you, Kal-el Albus!

4) “Don’t worry, I don’t regret a thing.” followed by going into his and Marco’s death with his gun roaring.Another “glorious death”, and as I said last week about Mitty, another death that is not glorious, but the characters and the show would rather treat as such, because it’s better to go into your inescapable death with a smile, as if you truly chose it, than to get meekly caught up in it, shitting yourself senseless.

Honestly? It’s not better, nor is it worse, it’s the exact same thing.

5) Yes, it’s silly, and yes, it’s somewhat cheap, but the repartee between the two siblings felt at ease, felt real (enough), and made me smile. Are we out of the woods, or are we only taking a breath before the next plunge?

Preview ends with “But he figured out who Claire is,” and next episode is titled “Your Name”, hm.

Post Episode Thoughts:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 8 notes anime - Kal-el Albus and Ariel Albus

He deserves a medal!

First, let’s get it out of the way, most people who died had been nameless characters. Only Marco, Fausto, and Wolfgang had been named characters. Wolfgang and Marco dying did not impart new thematic content over Mitty’s sacrifice for Chiharu, and Wolfgang’s was there to redeem his character, I assume, but we never really cared for him much anyway, so eh.

Fights serve one of two purposes, depending on the show – in a popcorn show, they are the main dish, they are where we get all the cool explosions and pretty lights. In drama shows, such as this, fights only exist to prove something, to make a thematic point, and to lead to future conflicts. Honestly? The fight here could’ve probably been a tad shorter, but they did want to show us how this pretty large cast of characters handles it and is affected by it.

Claire though, the drama aspect is that she sees herself as one of the gang, and will not hide away, coupled with her helplessness at being unable to summon the wind. There wasn’t much drama this week, and the whole revenge sub-plot and anger seems to have been cast completely over to the sideways, though the preview for next episode leaves some hope.

Come on guys, show me drama, show me politics, show me anger and sadness :3

It was an ok episode, but this episode and last one feel as if they took up a bit too much time.

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