The Pilot’s Love Song / Koiuta Episode 7 Notes

February 18th, 2014.

A Light in the Sky

Last week’s episode was exactly what I thought it’d be, the quiet before the storm, before we truly get to the Holy Spring and see what is up. Mitty and Chiharu’s little moment was nice, as well as their promise to one another, but it was clearly there in order for Bad Things™ to happen to them this episode. Well, onward, to sadness!

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Just Trying to Make it Through the Day in One Piece:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 7 notes anime - Wolfgang

1) “We’ve all trained for this day. Let’s come back here safely!” – Better to exude confidence and happiness than show the fright you might be feeling inside. “We’ll meet again soon enough!” is akin to a protective charm. Kal-el and the gang aren’t expected to run into any problems, they’ve picked the safest place for Claire.

2) So now Claire and Ignacio are taken, because this mission is still not safe enough. But Ignacio? Now we wonder who he is. He’s listed as a main character, but he’s barely had 3 minutes of screen-time in the show thus far, total.

At least we got an answer straight away. Ignacio is Claire’s protector, and he knows Kal-el is Karl la Hire, who hates Nina Viento, his charge.

3) “No one will die, right?” – Says a soldier, ready to fly an airplane and shoot others. Someone will die, you just have to hope it’s not you. Listen to Wolfgang, better face reality now, rather than when you’re already being shot at. Come to terms, and steel your resolve, it’s too late for mercy now.

2) A Light in the Sky:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 7 notes anime - Enemy encampment

1) LOL at those “Bombs” and “rockets”. They explode after they punched a hole through the enemy ships and came out of the other side. Could’ve saved on the explosives :P

2) At least the shots amidst the sunset clouds are beautifully and convey a romantic air.

3) As the characters suspected but minutes earlier, the “barbarians” have a huge fleet, filled with much larger airplanes than what this world is familiar with, and using a different doctrine – bombers as the main force and light airplanes only to provide cover, rather than as the main battle force. Sort of what happens in today’s world.

This conforms to some of my suspicions, including about the admiral who wants to “return”, and the weird airplanes of this world – The Holy Spring is a gateway to another world, and the knowledge of airplanes comes from that world. The “Sky Clan” have direct access to advancements in technology.

4) Are they barbarians? The decoy fleet gave up their lives to divert attention. Are they trying to protect the Holy Spring, what lays beyond, or perhaps protect this world from further interference? They are willing to sacrifice others, but also themselves, for the sake of their duty. Some would call it the ultimate barbarity, and others the ultimate selflessness and nobility.

5) The enemy carrier and the big planes? They look like gothic style space-ships, of the sort you see in worlds such as Warhammer 40,000. They don’t look at all like airplanes, no consideration for aerodynamics. They truly look like huge houses, in the air.

6) This explains where the Sky Clan makes its home. Isla isn’t the only flying rock around, and it wouldn’t surprise me if originally it’d been part of this one. The ominous music of course doesn’t bode well.

3) A Light Goes Out:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 7 notes anime - Mitsuro's last look

1) A gut woundGoodbye, Mitchan.

Goodbye, Chiharu. Guess if he knows he’s already dead, he might choose to die how he wishes to. Of course, this is a lie, “A Glorious Death”, the episode’s title, is a lie. There are no glorious deaths, Mitsuro did not choose to die here. He’s already dead, so he’s using his last moment as he chooses. But this isn’t at all glorious. It’s an undertrained student who died. For others? No. He just died.

2) Alone in the air. The skies look especially romantic, except these are the flames of war. Below us, only the cold waters await.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Action! Death! Drama! Well, a moment of drama, which was nice. But combat still isn’t done, and I’m sure it’s all going to somehow go back to Claire – her anger and sadness over being helpless, or something happening to her.

Furthermore, we’re so close to learning the truth of the world.

This was a nice episode, an action episode, and we all knew going on that there’ll be some airplane battles, but this is only the appetizers. The drama and the mystery are what we’re building up to, and what we’re here for.

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