The Pilot’s Love Song / Koiuta Episode 6 Notes

February 10th, 2014.

The High Priestess, a Political Pariah.

Well, last episode showed us Claire’s past, and this episode is titled “The Holy Spring,” which coupled with the “defenders” makes it seem like we’re getting somewhere. We’re only half-season in, so probably things will go rough now, and then we’ll begin dealing with fallout. Hmmm, tasty drama fallout…

Though I think by the end of this episode we’ll only see the Holy Spring, and next episode we’ll get there, or not, as the case might be.

Thoughts and Notes:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 6 notes anime

  1. Well, so we see the holy spring right as the episode begins, guess I was wrong :)
  2. “Finally, I’m back. Now Isla’s real journey begins, who knows what we’ll find?” – You know what it reminds me of? Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s The Darksword Trilogy. Is it possible all the planes and technology actually come from another world, and that this is the gateway? And all the exiles are essentially exiled to another world? That’s what I think now.
  3. Amelia (the Foreign Secretary) speaks as if she’s a robot reading the lines from a piece of paper. Not impressed.
  4. Money is sort of useless in such a close economy. You may as well just barter. And if you’re going to another world, then the money would be completely worthless.
  5. “Erm, you look really good.” – Smooooooth.
  6. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to send one of the serving girls or a replaceable cook with Claire than Ariel? O.o Yeah, but we need our setup for hijinks.
  7. Cheerful Claire is best Claire.
  8. This episode as the students noted as they went to buy more groceries was a “Festival Episode”, the notorious “school fair” episode :p I smiled, but it was mostly a filler. Well, still got a few more minutes to go.
  9. They make a nice couple, Chiharu and Mitsuro :3

Post Episode Thoughts:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 6 notes anime

Well… turns out I wasn’t wrong! So this episode they saw the Holy Spring, but to actually go to it, and see what it contains, that’s next episode. This episode was a breather, this episode was here just to make us smile and care for characters, and now if anything were to happen to Chiharu or Mitsuro we’ll shed tears with the other one.

Ignacio also participated again.

Next episode’s title is “A Glorious Death”, that would seem as if someone’s going to die, but that’s not necessarily true, it could also be about them shouting at/rejecting the concept.

But yeah, this episode, I wonder, if Luiz was born in this world and raised in it, then what does “I finally returned” mean? If you can only get to here with Isla, then how did the Sky Clan get here in the first place? Many questions, very few answers.

This was a fun episode, but not much more than that. You can say it’s “Doomsday Averted” (more people should know Rasputina), but since we kept hinting at the things to come, it’s more like the Sword of Damocles hanging above our head, which only makes things more stressful as we put it off.

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