The Pilot’s Love Song / Koiuta Episode 5 Notes

February 3rd, 2014.

The High Priestess, a Political Pariah.

Well, the way last episode ended certainly had left an impression. Claire is Nina Viento… huh. Well, seems this episode will focus on her, on how a girl who is seemingly poor (or so the preview made it seem to be) had rose to such heights. Well, by dint of her powers, obviously.

That’s how dramas work, they first set the pieces, then things carry out. Those events must seem like a natural outgrowth of the characters and situations – that is, if you put these people in this situation, then of course that this is how it’d turn out. But that requires us to know the characters first, so that’s what we’re doing. Getting to know the chief actors.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Summer-time:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 5 notes anime - Kal-El Albus

1) Four months, so we’ve skipped the whole montage thing, and just skipped ahead. Naturally, we now see how things used to be, and how they are now. Now we fly well, and shoot well, and we’re all one big happy group. But we also show what hadn’t changed – Ignaxio still isn’t part of the group.

2) Sometimes this show really shows it could’ve used some more budget.

3) Two episodes ago I noted how shows always find ways for the love-interest couple to get separated from the rest of the crowd, and now we have it again, on the school trip. How droll. Well, last time Claire got the feeling of who Karl is, and will he discover who she is this time around?

2) Falling out of Favour:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 5 notes anime - Claire's mother

1) Interesting. Karl is willing to become a tool in order to get his wishes. They’re using him and he’s using them. Think about it, the new government is sending people it wants to be rid of on this journey, as Karl’s father pointed out. That means the decorated war hero? They want to be rid of him. Why is Nina Viento sent then? Why do they send someone whom they know might want to kill her? Because she too is in the way of the new government. The new government would like to be rid of both Nina Viento and Karl la Hire, and if only one of them bites the dust, it’s still better than nothing.

But why do they want to be rid of Nina Viento? They fear her, she can remove them, and the crowds worship her. She’s a threat to their power. She’d been a tool, and it had outlived its usefulness, or rather, the now poses too much of a threat.

2) And now the characters say it outright, “Our home country abandoned us, even if we succeed, we have no place to return to.” – Wait, what? Why? We’ve got a bunch of nobles here, and we noted their families supported the wrong side. They’d all been sent away as heroes, but that was for public opinion, as we have nobles, decorated war heroes, and the priestess here, but this is in effect an exile. Everyone who’s a commoner is basically being sacrificed for the sake of appearances, or perhaps there are obstacles, and they want them gone but also want them to achieve their objectives. Maybe we’ll learn more.

3) Claire and Karl, similar names, similar stories. A mother who is forced to give up something important, and an abandoned child.

4) “My mother. She was a very weak person, but I loved her.” – ;_;

2) The World is Vast:

1) “It’s summer, and we’ve nearly reached the legendary Holy Spring!” – If it’s something that you only know of from legends, how do you know it is where you think it’ll be? Well, maybe because it’s so far away that a journey such as this one is the only way to verify, but the legends say? Well, doesn’t really matter.

2) “Sky clan”, “Barbarians time has left behind.” – They have airplanes, how old is this “legend” of Saint Aldista exactly? How long are we talking about? Airplanes and the knowledge of them don’t come out of nowhere in the middle of the ocean.

Ah, the funny looking planes are the sky clan’s, and the ones taking them down are the Knights. I thought the knights were being shot down or these being two groups. I think the “Sky Clan” is probably a group of spiritual nomads, and they want to talk to the people of Isla or convince them to turn around, not engage in a fight with them. Still, even old airplanes are airplanes.

Post Episode Thoughts:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 5 notes anime - Karl la Hire

One of the most interesting things said this episode is that Claire can no longer summon the wind. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s tied to her crisis of faith, brought about by being faced with Karl, being faced with Karl’s pure hatred for her and everything she signifies – the death of his family, the death of his past.

Next episode is titled “The Holy Spring”, but the preview’s content for the most part showed us just the guys putzing around. I guess the end of the episode will have us see the spring, or perhaps someone from the Sky Clan will be able to deliver a warning, or we’ll just find out what the holy spring really is, or is about.

As for the training of the cadets, considering they won’t be allowed back home, perhaps they’ll fight to make a new home for themselves somewhere? And the people in command spoke of “The First Obstacle”, meaning that more are expected.

Well, this was certainly an interesting episode, and we even had our two characters flat out tell one another they want to keep spending time with one another, while also being aware the future might drive them apart. The pieces, the histories, they keep setting them all up, and I can’t wait to see how it’ll all blow up in the end.

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