The Pilot’s Love Song / Koiuta Episode 3 Notes

January 20th, 2014.

Normal School, Weird World and Social Structure

So, the angry dude knows Kal-el is actually Karl, the love story between the different casts is blossoming, and we still don’t really know how this world works, or what exactly the social situation is, but since they keep referring to both of these issues, we at least know it’s by design. Let us see where our flight takes us this week.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) The Past:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 3 notes anime

1) Look at this adorable little kid, just happy to be with his mom! We might go “How horrible, in the palace he barely gets to spend time with her!” – but kids today go to kindergartens, and their parents work long hours, I’m not sure it’s that different. But yes, it’s about personal perception.

2) Never forget – this is what revolutions looks like, revolutions have sacrifices and casualties. Most people who die are “innocent”. Don’t try to whitewash it. There’s a price to pay, and if you’re demanding people to pay it, don’t sugarcoat it.

3) Man, Nina Viento’s childhood. Called upon to kill and destroy, and then seeing point blank someone who hates her from the bottom of his soul, to the core of her own.

4) Ok, I had to wipe tears out of my eyes after that whole memory sequence, and they crept up on me, didn’t notice them coming. There’s no one moment I can point at as especially emotional, aside from his mother crying when she departed. Maybe I’m just turning into a big sap.

2) The Pesent – Anime Couples:

1) Talk about attention :3 And yes, curry, the anime magic family-food, she’s now part of their little commoner family.

2) Heh, the audience to the young couple’s chat, and the “Ehhh!” as he accepted defeat as she said she’ll go home alone. Amusing.

3) “We’ve been separated from everyone else” – even in a military show, in the air, anime will not miss an opportunity to have a would-be-couple find themselves alone :P

3) The World:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 3 notes anime

1) So, it is believed that in order to survive once they reach the Holy Spring, they will have to know how to fight… what exactly are the adults expecting? They’re really laying the mystery on thick here.

2) Hm, so Claire’s family isn’t “old nobility”, but new nobility from the time of the revolution? Or old nobility that sided with the revolutionaries? You gotta wonder just how much of a revolution it’d been. It truly seems like a coup, more than anything else. I suspect what really changed is from king to priesthood, perhaps, and yes, that meant refreshing the ranks of nobility, not doing away with it completely.


  1. “It’s easier to fly than to send others into the air.” – This isn’t just about the exhilaration, or what someone is good at (flying, rather than dealing with people), but also the fact that to master something requires internalizing it, teaching requires externalizing it, after you’re already done internalizing it – which in some ways means re-learning it altogether, yourself, after you’ve already “mastered” it.
  2. The drawing quality in this episode is not a good as it’s been previously (and there were some off moments before as well), various faces that seem somewhat malformed, eyes that are not looking the same direction, less facial details, etc.
  3. He’s stressed, he might die, so they actually show us his vision blurring in and out in sync with his heart, a nice touch. Don’t faint, Kal-el Albus, you’ll kill Claire too :3

Post Episode Notes:

Let’s start from the final moment – I’m actually not very happy with the way the episode ended. Forcing our couple to spend a rainy night together to build their bond? Come on, you can do better than this. Also, yes, forcing Kal-el to fly with the nobles because they hadn’t been getting along – smart move. And the nobles acting like little children, though lives, including their own were very much at stake here…

Well, the trip down memory lane had definitely left an impact, and I definitely know more of the world now, so this episode had been pretty good for me, I must say. And yeah, the history sequence here was more low-key than the usual shounen fare, and the Nina Viento emotional sub-plot is still very much on. It’s been a solid episode, and with a few minor changes could’ve probably been even better.

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