The Pilot’s Love Song / Koiuta Episode 2 Notes

January 13th, 2014.

Normal School, Weird World and Social Structure

So, this seems squarely an army/school “buddy show”, where two people at first aren’t friends, but grow up to be allies! We also have Ghibli-style visuals, romance, revenge, and it’s supposed to be a drama, so let’s see where they go with this.

Got a test tomorrow, so please brain, permit me post episode notes, or just really good moments, rather than short observations about anything and everything!

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Adults are Weird, and so is this World:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 2 anime

  1. Hm, so Nina Viento is also with them, so revenge isn’t entirely left behind.
  2. Wow, the map didn’t make sense to me, how we have seemingly two continents amidst seas, but a line in the middle as if one was on a continent… but this. Well, this is pretty, and yeah, this world might actually even have an “edge”.
  3. And just like that while Karl is busy being love-struck, we get told something that should be obvious – the island is self-sufficient, when it comes to food. But could it truly house them all for so long? And if so, why is this a one-way trip? And if it’s a one-way trip even if they succeed, then what is their goal, what do they wish to do, or think will happen, upon reaching The End of the World? Mysteries. Right now we’re just going along on ground-level, but the mysteries are very much already here.
  4. Three years. It’ll take them 5 months to reach the Holy Spring. Well, this show better have plenty of time-skips, but I guess they will, to show us all the bonding and learning. And I guess the “normal curriculum” is for the non-pilots, and non-mechanics students, hm. But still, wonder how long they expect it to be before they reach The End of the World, but considering they don’t even know for sure it exists, that’s one silly question :)
  5. Some people here have brains! We saw an aerial fight in the beginning, and it is heavily defended. I too wondered, since they’re going to the edge of the world, who exactly are they going to fight?

2) What Social Structure is This?!:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 2 anime

  1. So, do nobles really have more rights within the school? They seem to on the island, but what about at school? The kids wondered why each week someone else must cook, and it’s probably to show them they all must share the burden, they’re all together, not someone who gets the grunt work and everyone else who gets to do nothing – to build camaraderie, but if people get to have different rights at school, or as soldiers, just due to birth, then it can kill the whole notion – it’s possible they’re just re-enacting their roles from outside school, but we’ll definitely have to see.

    All the clapping moments though, someone will surely gif them ;)

  2. “The school motto is to nurture your independence.” – How fitting, for a floating island! A self-sufficient land that can just leavethe others behind. So, my notes above on rotating food-making, perhaps it’s so they’d all know how to make their own food? I still think it’s both.
  3. So the nobles are taught in a different class, but they’re all taught together, because they will have to learn how to work in a formation, together. The artificial split is a bit weird then, though they might have cut them into two for reasons of numbers anyway, I guess.
  4. “I guess it is my duty as the Class President.” – Oh shut up, you big turd. You want to do it, but you’re going to feign as if you only do so because you must.

    Also, Karl, you sure are one smooth operator :P

  5. This whole sequence made me wonder though, there’s been a revolution, and there’s apparently a form of equality right now, so why the separation of nobles and commoners? To protect the nobles from being killed off? Because people are used to defer to them? This whole culture is so very weird to me right now. I really should watch the film and/or read the LN.

3) The Future and The Past – Sentimentality:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 2 anime

  1. “It’s the first time someone my age is this nice to me!” – So, you fell for Karl just because he’s the first guy your age who had been nice to you? True love folks, get it right here! No need for logic or anything, just some fate!
  2. And another show that moves to “movie-style” shots for memory-sequences. Well, it works.
  3. Notice the effects on their clothes that show they are dirty, crumpled. She is obviously a lady of high class, and we know there’s been a revolution that ousted the nobles, so it’s not hard to figure out what’s been happening. How tired and hopeless the mother, how energetic and oblivious the son, makes me think of Benigni’s Life is Beautiful – for those who don’t know, a parent and son caught up in the Holocaust, and the father tries to keep life happy and oblivious for his son.
  4. That message, “Fly free forever, and don’t let anyone tie you down.” – And what is family? Are you sad Karl ties you down, mother? Do you think he’ll ever be able to not be tied down by your memory? :-/
  5. And now, in case you’ve missed it somehow in the premise – Karl is the former crown prince. I wonder what Ignacio has against him, what’s his story, and I have absolutely no doubt we’ll find out.

Shorter Asides:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 2 anime

  1. Such hair… and then the first line out of his mouth is “We can discuss autographs later,” he sure does love himself.
  2. Hair dude, pls :s
  3. So, are all the male teachers here in love with their hair, and themselves? :3
  4. Yeah, I was sure that he’s an upperclassman at the least when we met him, if not some tutor :) Well, this form of humor early in the show is to be expected.
  5. The ending is really growing on me. This show is pretty, the character designs are pretty, and the ED is pretty good… good job show.
  6. Next episode preview – Again Ignacio gives us his spiel, only for the show to cut him short, I was amused once more.

Post Episode Notes:

In case it’s not clear, my brain didn’t let me do as I wish, and I noted down anything and everything. I need to find a way to break out of it that doesn’t include keeping my hands in a bag of doritos which prohibit me from typing. Ayeee!

Well, this episode was fun, but we’re still very much setting the scene – Claire and Karl meet again, we see why Karl wanted to be a pilot, we get told in no uncertain terms who he is and that someone else knows, and they begin school.

We still need to see the last remaining piece, about Ignacio Axel.

And then we have gained knowledge, but many more questions, about the setting, the world, and where things are headed – why do we need so much military power? What do we expect to find at The End of the World and why is it a one-way trip anyway? What is up with the nobles anyway, considering there’d been a revolution? Who are they going to fight, since we’ve seen them fight in the opening – well, they might end up fighting one another as well, technically.

But this show is pretty and well made for now, even if much of it doesn’t step out into the extra-ordinary. Honestly, you could’ve easily replaced the airplanes with mecha, changed the art-style a tad, and you’d have thought you’re watching a Sunrise mecha show, not that it’s a bad thing, but I’m throwing it out there.

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