The Pilot’s Love Song / Koiuta Episode 12 Notes

March 24th, 2014.

This is The End (It Should’ve Been!)

Coming to this episode, I thought it was the final one, but then some people let me know it’s the penultimate episode instead. So, sacrifice, eh Karl? Well, that makes sense. There are no free meals, and no one just gets to be happy when we’re promised sadness.

Show us what you’ve got!

BTW, if anyone wants to feel the awesomeness of piloting a plane that hovers, get the newly released Luftrausers, where the most important button is the one you don’t press, for both acceleration and firing.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Well, it’s obvious what the Sky Clan wants, they want Claire. If they get her, then they not only gain something which they consider holy (as the Levamme general had said, they too share the myths of Saint Aldista, and considering they guard The Holy Spring, this isn’t surprising), but also more power to use against future intruders, perhaps.

2) So, is Ariel leaping off of the swing and Karl staring at her slack-jawed supposed to showcase her independent nature, how she leaves him behind, how her personality will let her soar into the air, graceful? To be honest, it shouldn’t really mean anything, but they certainly focused on it.

3) Looking outside a window at birds, the universal image for being locked up and wanting to be free.

4) Claire tearing up for Kal-El’s sake got me last episode. Ariel tearing up for Kal’s sake got me a couple of times. But the two of them crying and hugging one another left me completely cold.

5) “I don’t know how many years it’d take” – But the End of the Sky is right here. See, here’s the thing, there are legends in this world about The Holy Spring and The End of the Sky, we’ve spent 11.5 episodes with the world thus far, and we know next to nothing. What do they expect to find? What do they hope to find? The sky’s going to end at its end, no? So why will the journey not terminate as well? We’ve got our suspicions as viewers, but it’s bad form, not letting us know what the characters expect at all.

No matter what happens, it’s somewhat of a deus ex machina or a plot-hole. Rather, it’s just put aside. If it’s put aside, then it means it’s not the true core of the show, which is supposedly the drama, which hadn’t been that great either :P

6) Well, goodbye for Isla. Guess for you it certainly had been a one-way trip, back home. So, we’ve got another episode, right? No idea what they’re even going to cover.


1) Commander Karl and his cadets! :S

2) So, where did the Empire of Levamme come from? How can they end up in the middle of the ocean? Do they have a massive navy fleet, their own flying island…?

3) Talk about a cliched matron, “Young man, did I see you smiling?!” :P Ignacio looking at Karl and Ari through the window was my emotional moment of the episode ;-)

4) Oh, so it’s been 6 months since The Holy Spring, making it a year since departing their homeland. Why didn’t they just circle around The Holy Spring? How big is it, exactly? They took 6 months to get to it and 6 months to continue, what’s one more month, eh?

Post Episode Thoughts:

I’ll re-iterate it. This episode was leave-taking. This episode was the denouement as everyone takes stock after the major conflict, with people admitting their feelings all around.

In other words, this felt like the last episode. Had no one told me, or hadn’t I seen the next episode preview at the end, I’d be sure that this is it.

To be frank, it looks as if next episode isn’t the “ending”, because we did get that, but the epilogue. And still, a show must be very careful, or a book or a film. If you have more than one ending, and there is something which we recognize as “Narrative Closure”, then it can do harm to the work of art. Just as ending it prematurely does.

So, what do we truly know of this world now? Very little. It does feel as if it’s a real world, somewhat, and we just happen to have been privy to a story that takes place in it, but considering how much effort was spent on notletting us learn anything, one must admit that the work done on the world feels quite haphazard.

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