The Pilot’s Love Song / Koiuta Episode 1 Notes

January 6th, 2014.

Love is in the Air – And so is School

A Love Song for a Certain Pilot – I hadn’t watched the film yet, hopefully this week, but I’m actually hopeful. Drama, politics, a non-comedy love story… also makes me think of Laputa, so sounds promising.

First Impressions:

1) Background:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Anime episode 1

  1. While I get that the shaky camera is intended to impress upon us how chaotic and frenetic the action is, it just gave me a headache.
  2. Cool, airships.
  3. “Fly, Kal-el” – Heh. It’s his destiny to fly in the light! More seriously, guess you need to hide your real name when you’re ex-royalty.
  4. It might just be me, but I really love the sound of pipe organs.
  5. A holy crusade, for religion, for knowledge, to find part of their myth of creation, to see the end of the world. Hm.

2) People are Hard:

  1. Yes, it’s a funny face. Yes, we’d have probably pissed ourself silly :P
  2. Well, that’s a look, and make no mistake. Seems we’re still going to get training/school kind of setting, but the OP sort of told us that will happen, including bullying/fighting before becoming friends.

3) Love is in the Air:

The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Anime episode 1

  1. A nice shot, an evening trip. And yes, that shyness had been over the top. Also, hm, I’ve just realized, the white-haired scary dude had been the solo one, so perhaps she said she’d been sick because she didn’t want to fly with him. She does remind me quite a bit of female characters from various Ghibli films, as is this bicycle ride.
  2. An evening stroll, just cycling amidst cloudsVery pretty.
  3. I usually expect this sort of scene about 20 minutes before the film ends ;) Guess episodes must keep your attention every single week, so they pull this sort of stuff early.

Talk of a way to finish an episode to keep us here – “And so, Isla left on a journey from which it would never return. We would yet learn how cruel the world can be.”

OP – Why do these characters look like they belong in a school RomCom? Heh. Well, I guess uniforms are uniforms. The OP has some really nice shots, and a good mixture of hopefulness and determination, action and calm, but in the end, it’s nothing special in either direction.

ED – Forgettable, but most EDs are. Him with bicycle-ride girl though means it’s “important”.

I liked the next episode preview, how the Ignaxio kid thinks he’s hot-stuff, but he’s just a cadet so the preview cuts him off.

Post Episode Notes:

Hm. Not sure what I think. Seems we’ve got somewhere between a drama and ye olde high-school/training camp story, of friendships and enmities, of first falls into love. The voice acting is solid (even if Taketatsu Ayana always get the “little sister” role :3), the character designs will take some getting used to but the vistas are superb.

The issues of revenge, discovering the truth behind your world, reconciliation… this show has a good potential, now we just need to see it unlock it.

Also, you know what? It’s not due the MC, but the series this most reminds me of right now is Nagi no Asukara, heh.

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