Sword Art Online II Episode 7 Notes

August 16th, 2014.

Mini-notes only this time. Don’t really have much to say that I didn’t already say, or rather, what I do have to say can take countless pages and will barely be related to Sword Art Online, or was already said in past write-ups.

Screenshot Album.

Mini-notes – Taking a Break (Also, GG SAO Atheists):

1) “I’ll come back.”

Sword Art Online II anime episode 7 notes - Suguha trusts in Kirito

1) We got ALO music now when we see Suguha.

2) “Brother, did you think I wouldn’t notice when you dropped off of my friend list?” Really, she’s your sister, and someone who loves you.

3) “I can’t involve Asuna in this,” and now we get the sad Aincrad music. A good way to tie it all together in our memories.

4) “This is my problem” – Such partnership with Asuna, didn’t your love for her was an admission of how lonely you were and how good it was to share one’s woes? Then again, in the end, one’s nature as a loner isn’t so quickly overcome.

5) “I’ll come back, to ALO, and this home.” – The two homes of Suguha, the kendo dojo and the spiritual world they share. Two spiritual homes that are her place.

2) Chivalry Isn’t Dead:

Sword Art Online II anime episode 7 notes - Shinkawa Kyouji is chivalrous towards Asada Shino

1) “He makes me so mad!” – So much for two separate worlds, eh? “Just a game”, eh?

2) “Want to ambush him somewhere?” – What a gentleman! Also, yeah, this is some anime-level shit, some kindergarten-level romance, “You talk about him a lot, uguu!” – Yes, we talk about trolls that piss us off too, doesn’t have to be romantic, but it’s certainly portrayed as if it’s somewhat this way here.

3) “I’m not strong, you know.” – “But Sinon is awesome, she has that huge gun she uses.” – Yes, compensating for something :P So, are you in love with Shino, who’s calm and collected and scaredy, or Sinon, the badass sniper?

Yes, Kirito would say your in-game self is your real-self, which is what Shino needs to learn, but you think they’re different, so which one do you like?

4) “I didn’t want to be the person I am now.” – What a terrible thing to feel.

5) An instinctive rejection might hurt even more than a premeditated one. “It’s not you, it’s me!” heh.

Awww, “But please wait for me, until I resolve my issues.” Will Mr. Nice Guy wait?

3) GG, SAO Atheists (j/k):

Sword Art Online II anime episode 7 notes - Aki Natsuki the nurse comforts Kirito

1) “I don’t want to think of X!” – Yup, a surefire way to keep thinking of it.

2) “I’m a person who can even forget people he killed.” – A way to turn a retcon from a weakness into a strength, in the narrative, “He forgot he even killed people?! No problem, that’d be another source of anguish for him!” GG atheists.

3) “Thinking of the people you saved is your way of saving yourself.” – In other words, if you focus on the ones you’ve killed, you think of yourself as a monster and damn yourself into the pits of despair. Think of the people you’ve saved, and you’ll be able to live with yourself. Of course, you should probably do some of both? Well, that’s a discussion all of its own, and Aki is definitely trying to help Kirito’s conscience, after saying she can’t.


Sword Art Online II anime episode 7 notes - Asada Shino didn't want to be herself

Yeah, I wasn’t really enamored with this section in the LNs either. We’ve got some standard dialogue for this sort of situation. A reminder Klein, Asuna, Suguha and the rest actually exist, and then it’s back to the main course, the tournament, which is what we’re here for.

Sinon wants in-game strength but keeps getting pulled by her real-life issues. Kirito must confront his past, and try to put the virtual game behind him, and no one tells poor Asuna anything.

It’s not an interesting episode, it was just a way to draw a line between the preliminaries, and the actual tournament. I feel this episode shows the pain of creating series by episodes. Had it been a movie, I think this section would’ve taken 5-8 minutes less, or perhaps even slightly more, but that’d have made the final part of this episode, as an episode, feel disjointed, so it was extended.

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