Sword Art Online II Episode 4 Notes

July 26th, 2014.

Into the Game

Again, I’ve read the LNs, so I’m going to try extra-hard to not actually spoil anything or drop too many hints.

Screenshot album

Sword Art Online II anime episode 4 notes - The Game's Gunslinger

This episode was over way too quickly. I thought they might use Kirito in the Gunslinger Game to draw much more time. And yet, he came, he saw, he conquered. In the LNs, it was much more of a big deal, but then again, describing movement and action is a classic case where you need but a few shots visually, but a lot of words to cover the same thing.

Also, in the LNs, they sort of focused on some of the things Kirito had done, and how he managed to tell where the shots will be going. They don’t explain it now because it’ll be somewhat plot-relevant later, and I guess they’re saving it for that reveal.

Sword Art Online II anime episode 4 notes - Kirito receives catcalls

Kirito and the cat-calls, seeing it’s not easy being a girl in an MMO/FPS. He walked in a girl’s shoes for a few minutes. I wonder if this game doesn’t allow people to use avatars of the other sex, like post-“mirror” Aincrad, because otherwise, all those people hitting on girls might be hitting on the men underneath. Then again, the same is true for MMORPGs and such these days, and you might still get quite a bit of attention should you roll a female character. Edit: Right, checked the Light Novel. Every player gets an Avatar of his or her sex, so if you see a “girl”, it should be one.

Personally, like many others, I usually roll a female character. If I need to stare at a character for hundreds of hours, it might as well be pleasing to the eyes :)

I am not sure I’m fond of the Kirito voice changing somewhat. It’s not that I have a problem with the voice, but there’s the cognitive dissonance of it not being the voice you’re used to.

Sword Art Online II anime episode 4 notes - GGO is one futuristic-looking city

Speaking of “pleasing to the eyes”, when we came upon GGO’s hub-city, I thought two things. First, and this was enhanced by all the cat-calls, it made me think somewhat of Mos Eisley from Star Wars, the rundown nature of the cities. The way the city itself looked, with all the high-rise buildings, the walkways, and especially the big shiny triangles reminded me a wee bit of the first city in Fallout 3, somewhat of various sci-fi films, and a lot of the recent Transistor game by SuperGiant Games.

Sword Art Online II anime episode 4 notes - Reactions to Kirito's OP nature

Kirito is OP. The moment they said “No one else does it cause it doesn’t work,” you could see he went straight for it. This season enhanced Kirito being somewhat of a dick, and his introduction to Sinon reinforced that – he knows she helped him because she thought he’s a fellow female player, but he’s going to use her anyway. He knows it’s wrong, but he does so anyway.

Sinon certainly seems in her element speaking of guns. It’s more than merely using them, but she knows their history. She’s a walking guncyclopedia.

Kirito in the LNs did comment upon it, upon her proficiency, about her desire to win and be stronger, but again, it’s something that will have more space devoted for it next episode, so I guess they delayed his thoughts on the issue until then – no reason to discuss something twice when it can be had once for an increased impact.

And that’s something I’m actually quite enjoying with the adaptation thus far – this episode could’ve easily covered half the material, but they’re moving at a pretty brisk pace. Especially after the “exposition-heavy” opening some people complained about, and which I felt was a necessary groundwork.

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4 comments on “Sword Art Online II Episode 4 Notes

  1. Gustaff says:

    I don’t understand something: Did Kirito start using a female voice with his new avatar or did his original va try to fake making his voice sound more feminine. Please clear this up for me.

    • Guy says:

      The novel states that his voice changed a bit to be a tad more feminine, while still clearly being his voice. The VA did in fact modulate his voice here (they didn’t change the VA), but it’s in accordance with the novel.

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