Sword Art Online II Episode 23 Notes

December 13, 2014.

So, now we know Yuuki’s backstory (my least favourite part of the novel), and she’s dying, and wants to go to school, and Asuna will try to realize this dream for her. Two episodes left, let the drama commence, or continue!

Thoughts and Notes:

  1. See, we’ve seen Kirito setting up the camera-work in Agil’s café, then him taking her along with him to school, and now this. They’ve been building up the whole mechatronics thing.
  2. It’s a small thing, but I like how Kirito’s classmates call him “Kazu”, based on his real last name. It’s frowned upon to call one another by their in-game names, but I’m sure they all know who he is.
  3. “None of the teachers in this school seem like teachers, it’s fine.” – Funny how she’s saying the same thing her mother did, but their take on it is the exact opposite. She knows there’s some truth to her mother’s words.
  4. “Ryuunasuke” is the author name, I can see what Ryugamine Mikado from Durarara!! often got comments on having an “Author-like name”.
  5. “You can come to class as often as you like,” “You should read it to the end,” and asking her to read it. The teacher wants her to stick around.
  6. “I only lived here for one year, but I remember each day so well.” – And we tie back into the theme of memories, and Asuna’s home in Aincrad – it’s not how long you’ve spent there, but that you forged memories there, and that it felt like home.
  7. “Be careful, he (Kirito) lives outside reality as well.” – So it wasn’t a surprise he could relate to Yuuki during their fight.
  8. So, Yuuki too has some family issues, eh? And even if she marries, keeping a house costs money, y’know. To be a kid again.
  9. “It’s fine to act, if it means you can spend more time smiling.” – A good question, but if happiness is the *goal*, then it’s the goal.
  10. “We became friends because you didn’t give up and chased me to tell me how you really felt, do the same with your mother!” – “I wish I were as strong as you!” – “Wait, you’re the strong one!” – Such girl talk.
  11. Seeing Yuuki sit in her virtual room, hug her legs, and reach out to Asuna outside IS nice.
  12. Such negotiation, “No matter what you say, I’ll still move you schools next year.” – But that’s the point, she’s the parent, there’s no negotiation to be had.
  13. “It’s strange, seeing a face that isn’t yours move when you do.” – Sometimes I feel like that looking into the mirror. I call that growing old, or as a note I need to trim my beard.
  14. “Of course you’re feeling light! This avatar’s weight is set well below your real life weight!” – Yeah, sort of rude, Asuna :P
  15. Doesn’t seventh grade Asuna look *a lot* like Kirino from OreImo? :O
  16. This is an important bit, “Home is where you go when you’re tired of the world. Your family is there, both because they’re home, and to protect it while you’re gone.” – And Yuuki’s family is the one tearing down her home, and Asuna has to escape to the virtual home, from the real life one, to her chosen family of Kirito and Yui over her blood-family, and her mother.
  17. And here is Asuna’s goal, “To live in a way that makes everyone around her happy.” – I don’t really have anything to say about that. People live as they wish.
  18. “In this world, you can’t hide your tears.” – Talk about a game-breaking bug. Clear proof all the beta-testers were adolescent boys ;-) I kid.
  19. I like the shot of Asuna comforting her mother, because it shows her marriage ring, that in this world, she’s left her home, to erect her own, so to speak.
  20. There, the mother conflict is resolved. Now we need to see how things progress and well, conclude, with Yuuki’s arc.

Post Episode Thoughts:

I found myself smiling when Yuuki went to school, and I find myself a bit emotional when Asuna’s mother was taken to the cabin in the woods, so I’ll call this a success. Small moments.

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