Sword Art Online II Episode 21 Notes

November 29th, 2014.

So, we know what the Sleeping Knights want, and we know they have secrets, but we don’t know what they want it, or what Kirito knows of them, or how. But now we’ve got opposition to stop us from accomplishing our goal, to steal the fruits of our hard work, and Kirito is here to help!

Thoughts and Notes:

  1. “Blacky-sensei”, “Even you” – He’s Kirito, and he competed in tournaments, of course they know who he is. I mean, he fought Eugene, made it to the top of the tree, and he’s Kirito.
  2. And Kirito gives Asuna his “I got this babe, don’t worry,” smile/smirk.
  3. Since Kirito isn’t the main character of this arc, when he *does* show on screen, they let him be extra cool. We’re now seeing him through Asuna-vision?
  4. Like, Kirito is literally condensed coolness, as far as the show-makers are concerned, in this scene.
  5. And now an even cooler one-liner. Which is a way to pass some of the 2-3 paragraphs of exposition in the novel following this scene.
  6. “Don’t get scared, it’s just one guy.” – Famous last words, in any power fantasy, including stuff like Rambo.
  7. Even Yui-chan looking badass. THE BADASS SPECTROMETER IS OVER 9000! Good thing I like power-fantasy fantasy anime, or the double-whammy combo of F/SN and SAO could kill me ;)
  8. Healers OP, pls nerf.
  9. Holy smokes, even Asuna is pulling all the breaks out. Non-stop action, that’s how I like my Sword Art Online. Feels? Soon™.
  10. Even Asuna is renowned. Then again, you don’t make it to the top of old-Aincrad without being highly competitive and skilled.
  11. “You taught me that some things can only be shared by fighting,” and when she last had this realization, she thought of her mother. Let’s see how that plays out, eh?
  12. Look at that boss’s shit-eating grin.
  13. “Leave it to me, big sister!” – And Asuna is surprised and touched.
  14. Yup, Yuuki has the same faces as berserker Kirito, heh.
  15. So much time without any background music, from the victory, to talking between Asuna and the rest. It adds tension by its lack, sobriety.
  16. All the money the boss dropped was enough for one luxurious meal? I call foul!
  17. You can see Asuna’s rich girl upbringing, taking blame on herself and moving to shift the topic.
  18. “You called me big sister, it made me happy!” – And then Yuuki cries and logs out. Oh my.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Cool stuff! Explosions! Action! Cool heroics! And then the shadow of something more sombre. I liked it quite a bit.

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