Sword Art Online II Episode 12 Notes

September 20th.

More off-the-cuff thoughts this time around.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) Detective Work:

Sword Art Online II anime episode 12 notes - Sinon's arbitrary rules of morality

1) “Did Death Gun take anyone else? No, his accomplice is standing by Sinon’s apartment.” So how did he take out Pale Rider and then shoot at Sinon immediately after? He has more than one accomplice.

2) “Is he strong?” He wouldn’t get this far if he weren’t.

3) When you remove all the impossible options, whatever remains, however improbable, must be true. Yes, Pale Rider living 30 mins from Sinon is an option, but there are more options remaining.

4) “Let’s use Death Gun as a decoy”, quite a different thing when he can’t really be killed, in which case he’s not really a decoy, and whether he can. They use Kirito as a decoy, but it’s not really his life at risk here, which is why he’s willing to do so. But are they willing to risk another’s life? Hmmmm.

5) Technically, killing someone while they’re full-diving is literally Pking, heh. And again, everyone wishes to feel strong, to live their fantasies, to make themselves stronger. They were released from the Death Game, but just like Kirito and Sinon, they carry their traumas with them. They are out of the game, but the game is still within them.

2) Our Naked Resolve:

Sword Art Online II anime notes episode 12 - Sinon wants the power to move forward

1) Kirito, making real-life villains pay for in-game crimes since Aincrad! Well, in-game crimes that reflect on the real world.

2) Sinon speaks of shooting unaware people as cowardly, then goes back to being a sniper who relies on decoys and spotters ;-)

3) Kirito’s long hair flowing in the wind looks great. Seriously.

4) Sinon’s power went away by shooting someone, and now she wishes to shoot someone to get that power back. Taking a life to save a life, but still adds to one’s burden. Probably helps that here she’s not going to literally kill anyone.

It’s interesting how she beseeches her gun, as if her gun is her partner, someone who can lend her strength, not a simple inanimate object. Then again, guns can also rob her of strength.

5) Kirito with his maxed hearing skill, like a friggin’ sonar, heh.

3) Overkill:

Sword Art Online II anime episode 12 notes - Dark Wind's death - Overkill

1) Full agility build, looking ridiculous as he runs like the Roadrunner. Then again, so are MMORPGs. And well, that’s how Kirito must have looked from the side in ALO when he cut those mooks when he first came across Leafa, or ran with her out of the cave, eh?

2) That bullet that missed Kirito took down a building? Ok, we get it, that bullet deals massive damage. I mean, it’s a sniper bullet to the head, does it really matter? Heh. It does look cool, I guess.

3) Thank you for the “Dead!” signal, it’s a video game, so having a big ass hole in one’s torso isn’t enough indication to tell us they’re truly dead :D

4) “Pappa won’t lose, because he’s pappa!” – At least Yui sounds like a genuine kid. Or, “Kirito won’t lose, because he’s Kirito!” Asuna to the rescue.

5) “Specialized medicine term”, and who do we know whose family wants him to be a doctor, and who hates agility-based builds?

4) This Darkened Mirror – Face to Face with My Monster:

Sword Art Online II anime episode 12 notes - Kirito and Death Gun, a mirrored image.

1) Chit-chat between bloodsworn enemies, who are sort of friends, because they must know one another. They’re veteran game-players, of a game that no longer exists, so they’re exchanging comparisons about the new game ;-) I like Kirito’s “I’ve always wanted to use something like this” about the lightsaber, cause we all did.

2) “You’ve breathed too much of the real world’s rotten air.” Didn’t he say something similar once already? Kirito began the first episode in saying how the real world has more information, but Death Gun is intimating that this extra information is but a distraction from the purity of their real selves, and their killing skills. He kills and sees himself as a PK not just because his in-game self reflected back on his real-life self, but because it’s now realer to him than the life he’s had before. A life where he must live and kill by his skills, rather than the dreary life one’s used to.

3) “I’m a real red player.” Continuing with that definition, though a year has passed, he still defines himself by that one trait.

4) “You can’t stop me, because you can’t remember my old name.” – This is like Rumpelstiltskin, where you must remember the name of an old phantom in order to take away its power and put it away. Kirito is like a child who has to come to grips with his demons in order to move on, which sounds about right.

And here is a past mistake, part of the original sin, coming back to haunt him. The original sin wasn’t merely killing other people, but trying to put it behind him. Filling himself with hubris, and turning down the losers’ final words.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Sword Art Online II anime episode 12 notes - Kirito runs away from his actions

“Can’t remember something you’ve never known, can you?” – But Asuna might know, or Klein. Kirito isn’t alone in this fight.

This episode finally graduated from talking to fighting, and it’s quite a nice fight we’ve got going on. The villain is a mirror of Kirito’s. He doesn’t simply know what troubles him because he heard of it, and isn’t just pressing those buttons due to cruelty, but because he tackles the same issues, of trying to define himself, of trying to go beyond his old dreary life, because he too can’t put Aincrad behind him.

They’re Aincrad survivors, and that means Aincrad survives within them. It’s a question of how far you’re willing to go to protect the dream. Not too much to say about this episode on its own.

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One comment on “Sword Art Online II Episode 12 Notes

  1. Riyaz Ahamed says:

    Hi guy,
    I’ve seen your comment of SAO Season 2 episode 15 (http://www.reddit.com/r/swordartonline/comments/2jl9cr/sword_art_online_season_2_official_discussion/)
    Comment is as follows:
    So, Calibur, eh? I wondered what would happen with Mother’s Rosario, because that story needs to be short and punchy, and was worried they’d drag it out. So we got a recap episode and Calibur instead. Calibur is just a small adventure story, with nothing really special, but it has Klein in it. I don’t have a lot of expectations for it, and it builds up on material from ALO that was skipped, so let’s see how they handle it.

    Thoughts and Notes:

    Screenshot album.

    1) Quest! Loot! Gamers…

    I wondered how they'll handle the missing information, since the backstory for this side-story (Calibur, present in book 8), was skipped during the ALO arc. I guess Kirito narrating it quickly, as he actually does in book 8, is the best way. A minute or two, and we're through!
    I actually smiled and laughed at Suguha being annoyed with Kirito's insensitivity :D
    Kirito is a hardcore gamer, that's how he got into SAO's beta to begin with, and to being a beater. The strongest weapon in the game, of which there can only be one? You can bet he's interested in it :P
    "Suguha, there's more to MMORPGs than just getting better items… but I'm sure your friend wanted us to find it, so we must get it, to please him!" - Yes, yes, give in to your urges, Kirito. And no, Suguha isn't buying what you're selling.

    2) It’s Harem-Time!:

    Just… Asuna in a shower, starting from focusing on her butt and stuff before panning to actually show us her face. Such anime stuff >.> They did give us something not originally part of the story, which ties into the next arc - her going to Kyoto.
    You can see the different expectations for different games. Sinon is used to shooting at targets from at least 500 meters out, what are 100 yards (91 meters) to her? Nothing.
    And now we get a little infodump on Sword Skills being introduced to Alfheim, again, building towards the next arc, Mother's Rosario. Guess they'd rather have several smaller info-dumps than one huge one. Also, this story was written after Mother's Rosario, so guess they need to fill us in so we'd understand what's actually going on when players bust out Sword Skills.
    More Sinon's butt-time, and Kirito annoying her, and her snapping at him. It's like we never left GGO ;-)
    Tonkii-san, sure looks like a Lovecraftian elder horror, eh? Just your graceful flying tentacle elephant monstrosity…

    3) The Surprise Grand Quest:

    Urd, one of the three maidens of destiny, a take on the Crone, the Mother, and the Maiden.
    Yes, welcome to the land of MMORPG quests, where you get a lot of long and overwrought filler fluff, which after a couple of hours into the game you just skip over. Guess VRMMORPGs force you to sit through it, eh? What a bum deal.
    A video game that promises you a reward for a quest, and then actually lies to you and doesn't deliver? Imagine how pissed off you'd be - this is what happens when the GM and quest-givers are AIs capable of lying :P
    BTW, in case you missed it, this is a quest that can transform the whole game irrevocably, either way. Either Jotunheim will transform if Kirito's group succeeds, or the world above will get wrecked, including the main hub city, if they fail. All this, without much fanfare. Cardinal, issuing world-changing quests, without listening to marketing peeps.
    Epic music as we see our epic heroes about to enter the epic dungeon for an epic raid, for the epic sword. It's like I'm watching Band of Brothers. There's a tear in my eye - no, not really, but Yuki Kaijura's music and everyone's hair blowing in the wind like this adds up to an amusing atmosphere because it's trying too hard.

    OP – Really damn pretty, but the song is just ok, standard fare.

    ED – Fine, I guess. Skipped.

    Post Episode Thoughts:

    MMO chatter. Quests, loot, exposition, small touches that will come in handy when the next arc rolls by, more Klein. Take it or leave it, ok episode, some cute moments, and so much fan-service, wow.

    Question is :
    Can you tell me name of the Music (which is playing when the group enters the snow world (jouthenmir). I guess the music that you mentioned as Epic music is the same right.
    SAO Season 2 Episode 15 from 11:20 onwards.


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