Strike the Blood Episode 4 Notes

October 26th, 2013.

Ok, coming to this episode with next to no expectations, just want some action – I don’t even expect them to look pretty, since the animation values for this anime are pretty darn low. Well, let’s get pleasantly surprised. Post episode notes only.

Post Episode Notes:

Ok, the fighting was nice, the music was better. The Astarte CGI was poor, and Regulus arm was nice if over the top. I wish this show had more money for art, seriously.

I really think he should have said “Such misfortune” (Fuko da) when the episode ended ;-)

We had a Touma punch, the exchange in the end was very Index-like, we also have the classmate and good friend who secretly observes our protagonist…

The blood-sex vampire relation was there once more, and they are not even trying to hide it in any way, what with him saying he needs to be aroused in order to suck blood – that’s why he acted that way toward Himeragi, he couldn’t get her blood without getting off through her, ho ho.

Dunno, this show could really use some more money, and it seems to go through the motions in quite a few placed, but it could also be much worse.

I’m probably going to put it on hold and marathon it after it ends when I need some more popcorn. There are just too many shows that are better than this one in almost any single way, this season.

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