Strike the Blood Episode 3 Notes

October 18th, 2013.

Time for more flashy fights! Who will save whom? Hm. Ah, of course, senpai is breaking his limit, assuming his true(r) form!

Thoughts and Notes:

Fuuuu, no fights. I am sad.

Oooh, so he doesn’t have direct control of his power, it’s familiars he basically has contracts with, or doesn’t, as the case might be here. That’d explain why he’d rather punch things, on his own, when possible.

Are you truly a vampire if you don’t drink blood? Well, putting aside all the other symbology being entailed with vampirism.

Ok, the facial expressions in this show – it could really use some more money to hire better artists :(

Asagi hadn’t slept – more fallout from Kojou’s actions – this is similar to how Touma’s food all rotted away because Misaka Mikoto blew her fuse in early Index. Even more similarities to Index.

Well, with the OP, we knew this was going in the way of a harem, and now we have the 2nd real girl, so long we don’t count the gothic lolita teacher and the younger sister…

Endless elevator music all over this episode. I’d rather have no music at all than a silly tune running for no reason.

Of course, the real reason for the “research” discussion is to show us her Nekomatan notebook.

Yup, Astarte is voiced by Yuka Iguchi, AKA Index.

Them’s the breaks, saw it last fight too – her spear is held immobile, and then she gets smacked by the creature’s second arm.

S-senpai… I like you. Ah, such expressions of joy. Worry not Senpai, I’ve got your head.

I really like the composition of this shot. The light and dark halves, the yellow-green background is a mess, but what can you do?

Erm yeah, quite a way to end an episode.

Post Episode Thoughts:

We got some actual school time this time, but it was mostly to set us up the harem. Also, I’m disappointed by how little action sequences we had this episode – I watch this for the popcorn, for the action, so what am I to do when the action is not to be had? Heck, we didn’t really have much of anything. Sometimes I’m sad by how anime episodes can waste 20 minutes with very little real content.

I was a tad disappointed.

The low production values of the show were especially noticeable this episode.

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