Strike the Blood Episode 2 Notes

October 11th, 2013.

Last episode was actually pretty good. Let’s see how many answers we’ll get. I suspect we’ll get a tad more exposition, but that the real mysteries will only grow, rather than get answered.

Thoughts and Notes:

So, the demons rule the world, not humans? Or is this simply the demons who control the demon side of things?

I also wonder why vampires are the greatest enemy of mankind – I suspect because the three who rule most of the world happen to be vampires?

Well, that’s convenient for a RomCom/harem setup – she wants to go to buy necessities, but she must follow this dude around, meaning when they eat, they’re going to eat together, when she needs to buy underwear, he’ll have to come with. And in that manner, “dates” and relationships blossom. Also, considering that he can evade her watchful eye when they sleep and her “I can sleep everywhere” comment, I wonder how long before they live under a single roof.

I, well, I like gothic-lolitas :3 And the stern voice. Well, I didn’t care for the little ditzy music as he talked to her though.

“Everything is a weapon” – when you’re a mass-murdering psychopath in training. In other words, they’re basically trained as terrorists, as insurgents, to use whatever is around to inflict utmost harm.

His little sister looks almost exactly like Yukina. If he ends up with Yukina, what does it say of him?

She doesn’t know anything about golf clubs, but she knows basketball. Hm.

They’re all orphans. Wonder if they killed their family, if what killed their family created the gift within them, or had the organization killed their families in order to bring them in. Also makes one thing of Kojou’s flashback.

So, as part of looking after him, she’s going to solve his problems. Very Trigun, best solve the issues yourself on the down-low, rather than have Vash the Stampede take out a whole city.

The burning buildings are very much F/SN again. The burning bird on the rails, that’s exceedingly Mai-HiME.

Astarte’s voice actress, the same as Index’s? Hm.

Post Episode Thoughts:

The action at some parts seemed a bit awkward, such as when Yukina fought the exorcist. It’s very much more Index 1 than say, Railgun with its high quality animation and budget. It did pick up somewhat once our main MC stepped in though. I was a bit sad to see next episode’s preview, with how explosive the episode-ending transformation had been, not to get any action in the preview, maaan.

The characters did alright this episode, the story did alright as well, with slightly more exposition as expected. Sadly, we didn’t get any more mysteries this episode, or any hints as to the flashbacks.

No fan-service at all, but we got a character who’s a gothic-lolita. I wonder how that adds up on the final tally.

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