Strike the Blood Episode 1 Notes

October 4th, 2013.

Vampires, great distress, one dispatched to clear things up got things mixed up and is woefully underprepared. Could be anything from amazing, to popcorn, to bad popcorn, to comedy. We’ll have to find out.

Thoughts and Notes:

Well, that’s time to give us the static-noise as we talk about conspiracies, a good way to drop some background without actually telling us much, and certainly not telling us anything that is known. Just rumors here.

So it seems being a vampire is an acceptable thing around here, and yup, just thrown into the world, to slowly make sense, make assumptions, revise earlier thoughts.

I’m getting distinct Index-verse vibes from this show, he’s like a mixture of Accelerator and Touma. And the blode long haired guy reminds one of Steele. Is this made by the same studio as Index? Nope, just checked.

And the whole way he stopped the fight and their banter afterwards, more Index vibes. He could be Touma’s cousin.

“Magical beings are allowed to live there, for protection, and research.” – Academy City, and everyone’s a lab rat.

“The Right Arm of the Saint” – even the episode title says “Index”, what is this? :O

“I can’t allow myself to get turned on and let the bloodsucking urge take over here.” – now I understand the ecchi tag on MAL – he gets turned on, and then he has nosebleeds. And he drinks his own blood, heh. As I’ve said before, vampires are sexual beings.

“Wait, are you going to stick here forever?” “-Of Course! [Some meaningless words]” Love!

Also, the fire-scene in his memory? Very strong Fate/Stay Night vibes there.

ED Thoughts – it certainly had a lot of energy, and well, it clearly showed us a bunch of girls.

Post Episode Thoughts:

This show is so very Toaru Majutsu no Index-like. If you liked Index, and want “more of the same”, then this is for you. If you didn’t like Index, or at least, would still not like Index with the annoying Index-chan removed, then this show is probably not for you.

The characters are nice, and it seems the show will have a good amount of action. I do wonder if the “Ecchi” tag is really justified, not that I’m bothered so long there’s an actual story and characterization going on.

Characters who have to come to terms with themselves, it’s tried and true, or cliched and overdone, it can be anything. This show will almost certainly fun, but whether it’s fun and filling, or “just fun” that feels you filling empty afterwards, we’ll have to see. I doubt it’d be a great show, but I like me some action, and I liked Index-verse fine, even if not a lot, Railgun aside.

Well, I’m in it, for an episode or two more, for now.

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