Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Episode 4 Notes

January 29th, 2016.

Old Brother Bon

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju anime Episode 4 - Yakumo being taught eroticism stems from flaws

The musical score is really holding this show together as a drama, especially in the end, when Miyokichi latched onto Bon and he held her.

We know it’s coming. We know a woman came between the two of them, but even without being forewarned, we could see the first time in which Shin actually withdrew from Bon, and it was over Bon speaking to him about a woman.

This is beyond a love triangle though, this is a love quadruple. This is positively oedipal, with both of the master’s “sons” going after their father’s mistress. This is beyond the fact that they are going after his name, to literally succeed him, as future “Yakumo”s. Is Shin uncomfortable because he wants her himself, or because he just mentioned how Miyokichi is their master’s mistress, and he finds this offputting? Or perhaps both.

The other big thing in this episode was Shin and Bon’s relationship. The yaoi mangaka tendencies sure come out. You could say that Shin is portrayed as extremely masculine, and constantly references his masculinity, and Bon is portrayed as feminine, and reserved, and collected. But more than that is that Shin-chan is presented as the unruly boy, the unruly son, with Bon not just as a woman, or as a parent, but as if he’s Shin-chan’s mother. Which of course gives another read to Shin’s reaction of Bon perhaps finding someone else to give his affection to – not as a would-be jilted “lover”, but as a boy seeing his mother finding a new husband, or another child. And Miyokichi referencing to Bon as an older brother is part of it – Shin still needs and wants Bon’s attention and affection.

There was also the talk of flaws, but the show addressed that quite clearly on its own. It really is a nice little drama.

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