Sekai Seifuku / World Conquest Zvezda’s Plot Episode 9 Notes

March 8th, 2014.

Fighting for Friendship.

Last episode was Goro’s, but also Plamya’s. We learn more about the world, and we see that even though White Light seems clinical and impersonal, its motivation of fighting against Zvezda is actually born out of a personal vendetta. Everything in this show is about family, everything in this show is about the past.

The preview made it seem like this episode might be about Yasu, and still about White Falcon, but this is Sekai Seifuku, who knows what we’re going to get this week. This show keeps one on their toes, truly.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Making Sense of an Absurd World:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 9 Notes anime - Jimon Asuta

1) Yeah, it did seem a bit weird both Zvezda and White Light go to a vacation in the same place. Awfully convenient, even if this show is about such things making sense (is it?), but now it all makes sense – this is where secret organizations go to chill out. It makes sense for White Light where they purportedly don’t know one another’s identities, but Zvezda? Poor Asuta, his life is full of pain and suffering.

2) Silly Asuta, thinking Zvezda is some sort of hack organization who can’t even cook its own meals and follows a young girl… Of course our global organization bent on world-domination has follows everywhere!Psh!

3) That old lady! Allowing fights in your establishment, going as far as to attempt to murder a guest! That will not do! You’ll go out of business. If it were me, I’d require it to be a strictly neutral zone… everyone needs to know they have a place to chill at.

4) Morning comes, and it’s as if nothing had changed. This is a metaphor for the whole show. Things sometimes appear as if they had not changed, but truly, everything changes, every thing that happens stays happened.

2) On Families and Friends:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 9 Notes anime - Hoshimiya Kate and Jimon Asuta

1) Wait, so Miki-san truly didn’t know Renge-chan adored her? I wonder. Renge-chan is purportedly the superior, but she’s the one always kept in the dark. Also, note that Miki-san asked her if she’s sure she’s not being fooled, that that person might wear a mask. That was before she knew Renge-chan meant her, and that’s the difference between those two girls – Renge trusts everyone and believes them to be good, while Miki believes people are untrustworthy and present a false front.

People assume others are like them, so Miki-san is aware she’s presenting a false front, and the way she treats Renge-chan in particular, a mixture of scorn and true adoration always feels weird.

2) Renge-chan and Asuta are some sort of Romeo and Juliet. Star-crossed lovers, and Zvezda means “Star”, after all. Well, they’re going to keep quiet to keep their fun and quiet, but, is this truly alright Renge-chan? Heroes must not abide evil, no matter where they come across it! To value your fun over fighting evil? That will not do.

3) Such a lovely “home”-scene. They look like lovers might in shows, but also like two siblings. No, it’s not a coincidence, it’s all about being close and comfortable with one another.

3) Differences Attract?

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 9 Notes anime - Komadori Renge

1) The old couple fighting made me laugh. You know, this is why you either marry someone with your political opinions, or don’t talk politics with your spouse. Well, in an ideal world we’d be able to discuss things calmly even if we disagree, but look around you, how often do you actually see that happening? :(

2) Hmmmm. Miki appreciates Renge exactly because she is unlike her, because she has a pure and trusting soul, who believes in justice. It also makes sense, conquering people and swaying them is all done via manipulating their thoughts, by swaying them to your side. They plan to weaponize Renge’s innocence and sense of justice, as a counter to the Zvezda way of doing things, which is…?

3) Renge’s smile is tinged with sadness. Knowledge is suffering.

Shorter Asides / Notes:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 9 Notes anime - Hoshimiya Kate had Conquered Milk

Milk Commercials!

  1. Sorry to say, but this shot is as close as its gets to sanity and sane members of Zvezda. Stuffed-animal included.
  2. Kate’s six years old, why are you blushing, Asuta? You could be her older brother and bathe her yourself! Lolicon! :P
  3. This show is now a milk commercial. Discuss.
  4. The mook-stance with the gimp suits and the hands. Very Samurai Flamenco, very Power Rangers, very… ridiculous. I do wonder though, if White Light didn’t know Zvezda is here, why did they attack our Zvezda leaders? O.o
  5. Goro and White Falcon both have wounds on their hands, which connect them, given to each other by the other party.


Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 9 Notes anime - Yasu and White Falcon

  • This is interesting. Why does Yasu have Kate’s puppet. Is he betraying Zvezda? Or is it just like in the first episode, where he went ahead to start an operation? Hm…
  • Well, this episode sure ended in an ominous way, “I didn’t imagine we no longer had a home to return to”, and the way home seems filled with the broken remnants of a destroyed civilization, sort of like what we saw in episode 1’s prologue. Hm.

Post Episode Thoughts:

No respite. There are no respites in the fight for humanity.

Miki and Renge, though, I must wonder. Are they planning to use her innocence, or are they trying to shield it? Perhaps both.

This episode was one where little actually happened, but we dwelt a bit more on the relation between Goro and White Falcon, and between Asuta and Renge. I think this episode will make sense in light of the one to come – the quiet before the storm, and seeing this show is so crazy, it was never truly quiet, or peaceful.

I do wonder what happened with the two old owners of the inn, however.

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