Sekai Seifuku / World Conquest Zvezda’s Plot Episode 7 Notes

February 22nd, 2014.

Jimon Asuta, What do You Wish for?

Well, last episode had been mostly interesting because there had been a heightened sense of continuity, we’ve been told that it’s a continued storyline. Furthermore, Asuta had noted how they’re not really coming closer to achieving their goal of world domination, and Kate had assured him that soon(™) it’d truly go into gear. Perhaps we’re finally reaching the foretold 2nd half of the season where plot-progression occurs? :O

Also, we’ve seen Miki/White Egret keeps her so-called leader, Komadori-san, AKA White Robin out of the loop, and is also quite annoying to Asuta who had confessed to her before. It’s all about acceptance, about friendship and family.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Going on a Treasure Hunt!:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 7 Notes anime - Hoshimiya Kate and Komadori Renge

1) “Well, let us get started on this treasure hunt,” is quite the perfect send-off to the OP.

2) Ah yes, horror films. Someone is creeping up on you, and you laugh nervously and shrug it off, until surprise! Tentacles and/or blades are coming out of your chest! :o

3) Divide and conquer! Playground popularity games! Natasha tried to usurp control, everyone was listening to her and nodding their heads, after Miki had been obnoxious, but then it backfired and nothing happened. Which Miki concluded with, “If you believe her, then stay with her,” a very clear “Are you with the losers, or are you with me?” mode of behaviour, a queen bee.

Of course, that was not enough for Miki, whose cruel streak is a mile wide, and now Asuta is going to do the dance once more :P Asuta can’t handle the peer pressure, he’s going to snap!

2) Kate’s Beliefs Warp the World:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 7 Notes anime - Shocked Hoshimiya Kate

1) Kate was shocked, but it was because she agreed with Miki. Finding treasure shouldn’t be this easy. Then again, think back to older episodes, including the journey back to the Root Udo – everything here is too easy, too automatic. Everything goes according to Kate’s will, which had me thinking whether her beliefs might be shaping reality.

2) Hm, is it Kate, or is it Udo? The most ridiculous things you say and think about it are true. Are they true because of the nature of Udo, because the nature of belief, or because Kate somehow warps reality? The Udo Stones shouldn’t have reacted to the dance, but they did, or did they? The Zvezda members have high Udo Readings, so they might have emitted belief-based energy. But if it’s not that, then I suspect by the time this episode ends the gang will also find The Udo Bride, and that its powers will be real.

3) A Side-Conflict Erupts:

1) Poor Pepel, how will he pass his warning? But of course, he’ll send a Morse transmission using his big toe, which will say “Kamehameha”… Looked up Nitobe Inazo, I can see some similarity to statue-Pepel, I guess, and being an educator it makes sense for his statue to be in a school.

2) That’s what happens when you send messages in English, Pepel. Plamya has no clue what “They be-long to white-light” means, I doubt she knows what “White” is. Pepel pls, you must think of who you’re addressing.

3) Poor Komadori, having to choose between her friends to her secret society.

4) As if Zvezda and White Light hadn’t been enough, a new faction enters the fray!

5) As always, smoke is the downfall of Zvezda. Smokers ruin the world. Down with smokers!

4) In the Land of Udo-Dreams, What is it that Jimon Wants?

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 7 Notes anime - Jimon Asuta / Dva running away from Demon Kate

1) Interesting how the bunny-weapon picked Asuta to take with, unless it’s just because he’d been the closest one. Well, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

2) Kate only has eyes for the treasure, honestly, this is a tad creepy.

3) This is like a dream. Being chased by notifications that things had been conquered. Jimon Asuta, could it be that you’re afraid of Zvezda conquering the world? :P

4) Demonic Kate wants to conquer you, Asuta, will you not open your heart? Are you not her follower, body and soul? She said she’ll share the world, and snacks with you, back in the first episode. Isn’t this your family? Ah yes, you ran away from your family…

5) Good question, what is it that you’re afraid of? What is that you want, Asuta?

5) Back to Reality, Where Unreality Reigns Supreme:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 7 Notes anime - Lady Plamya and White Egret

1) And then Kate and Asuta move from that dimension back to the regular dimension, and of course, hearing a girl cry shrilly has all the people firing their guns stop and take notice :3

2) “When the chosen one and udo finally meet, the world will again be conquered by a child who takes the appearance of a devil.” Yes, Natasha, that’s extremely fitting, but I’m less imprssed seeing how you hadn’t told us of this before it actually came to pass :P That explains what Kate was speaking of in that room. The transformation is the reward, or what led to it, but she wasn’t quite ready just yet.

3) A paradigm-changing revelation! Of course, their attention might be so rapt due to who is saying this, “I was born to conquer the world, but the same could be said for every person! Every person has the potential to conquer the world!” – Yeah, stop watching anime, and go change the world, everyone! I’ll be right behind you, once I’m done with my anime backlog, and video game backlog!

4) “Either you will let me conquer you, or you will try to conquer me!” – This is an ideological warfare. This had always been an ideological warfare. Zvezda subtly change the law of the world, they perform symbolic actions. Who will win the hearts of the people? Unless, of course, the people realize their self-agency and do what they please. Being an anarchist (“fear never motivates people”, or rather, it only motivates to inaction), that might be a victory for Kate.

5) But, Kate cannot conquer Asuta, or perhaps she will not, unless he submits himself to her.

6) Well, it’s important Asuta told us things hadn’t returned to normal, because it seemed as if they had. So no more school, no more sanctuary. So why is he ok with it? Because he has a new sanctuary. Zvezda had first replaced his family, and now it had replaced school. Zvezda is life!


1) “Badabing Badabong” – I guess you can’t really do much with “Zvinchan bizombu” or whatever it was Natasha was muttering there :3

2) The Jimon family. That secretive, smoking man is Asuta’s father. His sister reminds one of Kate, but it might just be because they’re both young girls. Next episode’s preview, someone defeating Plamya, which Egret and Robin can’t manage, alongside with “The Falcon had landed.”

Post Episode Thoughts:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 7 Notes anime - Homey Jimon Asuta and Natasha

Let’s get it out of the way first, this episode had been fun. What was fun about it exactly? I’m not sure, but I’ve been chuckling at the goofy Zvezda members, and poor Asuta.

But then, this episode reminded me of the journey to the depths of the earth, to the ruins of the ancient civilization. What was real in this episode? Well, this time it’s easy – it’s all been real. What does it mean? What is the world-conquest, what does Asuta wish for, how does the world conform to Kate’s wishes? Well, beats me.

Here’s the thing, even if things purportedly changed, how much had they changed? We’ve already had a couple of episodes where school hadn’t factored in at all. We know that Asuta’s father is relevant now, but in a way he’s always been. How will future episodes change, will we truly leave the half-episodic content we’ve had thus far? I somehow doubt it.

But the thematic heart of the show, it’s quite clear to me. This show is about families. About the families we choose, composing them of what we call “Friendship”. There are two questions in this show – “What does Kate wish for (and why)?” and “What is it that Asuta fears, what is it that Asuta wants?” And the answer to both these issues will revolve back to family, and to acceptance.

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