Sekai Seifuku / World Conquest Zvezda’s Plot Episode 6 Notes

February 15th, 2014.

The (Treasure) Hunt is the Goal!

As had been the case every single Saturday night lately, my internet refuses to cooperate Saturday night, delaying this show (and Nisekoi). Well, it’s time to watch this episode, finally.

What will happen? Honestly, with how each episode deals with something completely different? I have no idea. I only know it’s “Part 1”, which means we might get some longer form story. That excites me. That excites me a lot. Let’s go, fellow conspirators.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Normalcy? Not in our School, Young Man!:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 6 Notes anime - Jimon Asuta, Hoshimiya Kate and Roboko, in class.

1) “I guarantee you this organization can no longer function without me.” – You know, there’s a saying in Hebrew, “The cemeteries are filled with irreplaceable people,” but even at work – you often think someone who’s been in a small team for several years is irreplaceable, and there’s something to it, yet one day they leave, and the place doesn’t fall apart. It does mean you’ve been integrated, Asuta, and that it’s as if you’ve always been there, and it’d be rough if you went away, but they’ll still manage :p

2) Of course, the ancient Udo Bride. We’ve had an udo reactor, we’re in West Udogawa, so there must be anUdo Bride, that can be hidden inside this school. Silly Asuta, thinking they’re here for your sake, or expecting real-world logic to apply.

Ah, now it makes more sense – there’s a treasure-hunting club in school that creates weekly hunts. Does this mean Kate is going to come to school every single week? Can’t she tell it’s not real? Then again, that last question reveals a lot about this show – this show is all about symbolism, so if Kate treats it as real and important, it just might be. The object itself isn’t nearly as important as what value you invest in it, just like money.

3) Straight man Jimon strikes again. “Sounds a bit far-fetched.” And we’ve seen Komadoori play with a cat to obtain information, and all these alternate explanations, a shadow student council, a shadowy chairman, an alien invasion… It’s as if we’re chasing all the regular “7 mysteries of school.” You know what? The treasure hunt of the treasure club is trying to find the treasure club to begin with! Shows you are worthy. The so-called epic music playing in the background though. I feel you Jimon, I truly do.

2) Invasion and Masks:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 6 Notes anime - Late to school Plamya

1) Hahaha! No one questions how small Kate is, or that Roboko is, well, a robot. I actually laughed out loud when we saw Roboko. I thought to myself, “Plamya? Not interesting enough. Yasu? Kate wouldn’t want him.” Roboko makes perfect sense, in the sense that she’s the most absurd cast member to add to the classroom. Silly Jimon Asuta, saying something such as “I will do whatever to protect this Zvezda-free sanctuary, this classroom.” – Talk about death-flags :p

2) Ok, remember what I said above, that aside from Kate it’d be the most absurd if Roboko joined the class? I forgot the real answer, the answer the show thought of and obviously went for – they’re all at school. Even Pepel, as a student. No matter that he looks to be in his 40s or 50s… Heh.

3) Roboko enabled her “shy transfer student” mode, Plamya activated her, “Tee-hee, I’m late to school, running with a slice of bread in my mouth (and a katana in hand, and an eye-patch worn)” mode. I can’t wait to see the rest of the gang. I guess this is what is to be expected when none really knows how to blend in or be part of society.

4) With the masks, everyone looks as they normally do, more or less. Especially Kate. Of course, calling their undercover identities their “normal look” is already weird.

3) Miscellaneous:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 6 Notes anime - Downcast Hoshimiya Kate

1) Is Miki-sama being cruel to Asuta, or does she want to be close to him and regrets her past decision? Regardless, getting him flustered and seeing him around reminds her she’d been wanted, once. But of course, the big word here is “bride”. Zvezda looks for a secret bride, and Miki is one that another wanted to be a bride but did not consent.

2) Yes, the energy reading marking Zvezda members is U.D.O. And yes, I suspect Renge-chan is ordered to stay home so she won’t get mixed up and accidentally captured. I had a feeling once she received the SMS that it’s some form of trap for Zvezda.

3) Kate picked up those who had nowhere to go and had given them home. I had made the conjuncture before that she too had ran away from home, or lost her family. “Don’t take your eyes off me,” but shortly after Asuta had asked, “What am I, your mother?” This brings us back to the first episode and their meeting. Kate doesn’t want to be left behind, she doesn’t want to be alone, so she leads, and attracts others to her cause.

4) Hm, for how Renge is supposedly Egret’s leader, they sure leave her behind, and the other underlings know who Miki/Egret really is, but Renge doesn’t. Makes you wonder what’s truly up with Renge’s involvement in White Light.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 6 Notes anime - Statue Gorou

  1. Cruel Asuta, trying to defend reality from the invasion of absurdity.
  2. Gorou, master of disguise.
  3. Awww, the fearless leader is nodding off while she’s having dinner with her apron, nodding off while conducting an important meeting with her underlings and allies. You’d like to pinch those cheeks :>
  4. Asuta, you still hadn’t figured out that all of this is pre-recorded, and talking at the figure on the screen, or thinking she can actually see you is pointless? :3
  5. You know, the music of this show, such as when we’ve seen Asuta at night? It’s sort of a mixture between horror films and children films – the films aimed at kids but when there’s a “spooky atmosphere”.

Post Episode Thoughts:

It just hits me, what if all of the Treasure Club theories Renge mentioned are true? White Light is connected to a shadowy smoker, who might be the aforementioned chairman. White Light and Zvezda powers could be alien-related, and who knows about the student council :3

This episode, when Asuta and Roboko were taking in the laundry on the rooftop? I suddenly thought to myself, “How will we get from here to the prologue, where the world had been conquered? Where’s the continuity, where’s the sense of progress?” And Kate had told us that this evening (meaning next episode), things will truly advance. While the show does reference its past episodes and events, things still maintain a sense of status quo, for the most part.

Or do they? We had Asuta join the group, we then learnt of Renge’s involvement with White Light. Slowly, things arehappening, and it’s also quite normal to use the first half of a series to set things up and then let them play out.

This episode had been a lot of setup, subtly underlining some of the show’s themes thus far – White Light and its treatment of Renge, Kate and that subtle sense of sorrow hiding behind her eyes, and Asuta’s quest to keep things cozy. And if you do plan to change the show’s mood mid-season, using a two-parter to make the transition while also reminding you of what had occurred up until now is a good way to go about it.

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