Samurai Flamenco Episode 8 Notes

November 29th, 2013.

Where The Show’s Nature Doesn’t Change!

Well, last week’s episode certainly was a doozy coming out of left field, eh? Well, not much we can say, so let’s just join the team and see how they handle it! (Sorry for being a day late, my cat wished to snuggle me, and I couldn’t say no :3 Cat sleep-fumes too stronk!)

Thoughts and Notes:

1) All Aboard The Sentai Train:

Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco anime episode 8

This show has some of the cheesiest lines, but they’re charming.

  1. Oh my, that opening sequence. The mirror to the Ensemble Sentai was unmistakable, this was a verysentai sequence, complete with cliched lines by the villain as it beats the hero and as it makes its escape. Also, the way they blow up… such strong Power Ranger vibes I’m getting here.
  2. And then, our heroes walk off, which recalls the moment from the opening, and also Armageddon, which the OP always makes me think of.
  3. Also, this show had always delivered ridiculous corny lines, and made us smile at the naivete and charm of the characters as they espoused them, but now it’s real, so the naivete feels more precious, but also more out of place. This is real-real, that is.
  4. Boiling Rhino, a rhino with a boiler… and that plan. There are no words, except that aside from TMNT, I am also thinking of Power Rangers more and more, and 3KMT – heh.
  5. Also, just how corny everything is. If I felt this was delivered straight, I’d probably hate it, but like in my review of Kick-Ass, one of the most charming things about many B-movies is how self-aware they are, how happy they are to joke at their own expense. When these things take themselves seriously they become tiring, if they’re not just too much of a caricature for you to not care how they see themselves.
  6. Ok, the Flamenco Girls introduction at ~8:10 into the episode was great. They hit their stride :)
  7. Dat Horse… Well, with how the monsters think of their fellow monsters, and the ridiculous plans, it’s sort of like Team Rocket in Poke’Mon, or Power Rangers crossed with the Espada in Bleach :3
  8. The return of the stationery-weaponry! For those who say the show changed? Nope, still the same show :)
  9. “The plan to cause suffering by buying all the fruit!” – Nope, I don’t have anything to add.

2) Wait, Still in The Real World:

Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco anime episode 8

Mari – once a villain, always a villain.

  1. This is the best thing about this show – the characters are real people, and if they’re petty, and care the most about being recognized, rather than peace, justice, and others, then it makes sense they will make the most petty of claims, out of all of the responses possible. Mari is Mari, and a corny villain won’t make her stop being Mari.
  2. Mari has the best (villain) faces. Even Ryuko from Kill la Kill can’t compete, and I like Ryuko’s faces a lot.
  3. A somber memorial service, the authorities thinking of what to do – although we took a trip to bizarro-world, the world still operates by its normal logic. Good.
  4. “I believe we can lift the security alert.” – In other words, the masked criminals are treated mostly as a joke, and they leave them to the masked vigilantes to deal with, as the regular people try to live normally, and treat this all as one big heap of entertainment – just like Mari.

3) The Turn of Masayoshi:

Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco anime episode 8

Never change, Hazama Masayoshi.

  1. Masayoshi, I love you, as a character, as a person. If I could be friends with you and GotoBro, I would. Well, thankfully, I can, maybe you won’t reciprocate it, but it’s fine. Masayoshi’s empathy. As his grandfather said, Samurai Flamenco’s justice is universal – even criminals and villains deserve justice, safety, and respect. His naivety leads to him being compassionate and considerate of all, or perhaps his boundless compassion is the source of his supposed naiveté.
  2. “It’s quite an ordeal, but for now, I’m having fun!” – Some might say that Mari is getting to him, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. He’s not having “fun” from “excitement”, but is being fulfilled by helping people and maintaining the peace. That is Hazama’s core. “I’ve become one of the heroes I grew up watching.” – This is the completion of the cycle from when he first met Goto, where they discussed him going after little guys. His dream of being a real hero and protecting people against real villains, he’s living it.
  3. You might say it’s surprising, for GotoBro to question Hazama for caring about the monsters who blow themselves up, but it’s not. Goto cares for Hazama, and seeing Hazama’s personality change is disconcerting. Furthermore, Goto isn’t just a cynic, he’s a cynic to counterbalance Hazama – and when Hazama goes too far in another direction, he must still balance him. Maybe he is turning into a form of Mari :<

Post Episode Notes:

This was fantastic, thus far. I’ve seen numerous people talk of how they want their old Samurai Flamenco show back, which makes me think they’re missing the point – it’s the same show. The show we’re watching is exactly the same show we’ve been watching all along.

Corny lines delivered straight, humor by the characters and the show itself, naiveté mixing with cynicism, people thinking about super-heroics while everyone around them goes on with their everyday lives, over the top action humor that feels realbecause people are acting like real people, how people think of themselves and don’t magically change their nature, how fame has to battle with one’s nature, a discussion of “fun” versus ideals.

This is the same show we’ve been loving thus far, with the same characters who feel so natural around one another, and small comic moments that arise so organically. So we’ve been exploring how ridiculous sentai is, how ridiculous the lines used in sentai shows in full force this episode, shifting the focus of the comedy, ok. But it’s the same show, filled with the same characters we love, and the same writing.

I’ve been on board the Samumenco train since episode 1, and I don’t even feel as if we’ve shifted to a new course, so I’m still fully on board.

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