Samurai Flamenco Episode 7 Notes – Where people wish for exciting disorder, and get their wish.

November 21st, 2013

Where people wish for exciting disorder, and get their wish.

I never know how much laughter, how much naivete, and how much charming cynicism this show is going to dump on me, but I’m always pleasantly surprised, so let’s be pleasantly surprised again :)


  • Ha! I even thought to myself, “Man follows woman, surely a scene for Flamenco Girls to intervene!” :)
  • “Sorry, but this had been bugging me, but who are you?” – The way the camera just panned to him as he was in the background was also quite amusing to me :) Well, Goto is right about “Master” – while his lines fit those a master would say to his pupil, in his case they’re just an excuse to not say or think anything at all – then again, perhaps they always are “Find your own way.”
  • BTW, you know, real police chiefs don’t go on drug raids, right? They stay behind and let others do that… so where’s the sense in the stand-in police chief doing it? Well, he’s a mascot. He’s been lowered to the stature of a costumed animal :3

Thoughts and Notes:

1) The Selfish Desire for Interesting Unsafe Days:

  1. “It’s your fault, you’ve caught criminals every day. There are no villains left!” – They have completely different goals, while Hazama wants to rid the town of villains, Mari wants to have fun – without villains, she can’t have fun. It’s actually an interesting problem, because Mari “can’t win” – she beats up crooks, but she can’t allow herself to scare them all away. She’s sort of like Batman and his rivals – she must create them all the time. Like that splendid short story about Superman, whose aura creates his rivals.
  2. Nice mirror with the cops – Goto wants quiet, also because he prefers to not work hard. The other cop is bothered by not having more complaints, which means something for him to do – why are you a cop, to feel powerful, or to maintain peace? “Maintain peace” is such an interesting phrase, assumes peace is the default state.
  3. “Isn’t that a good thing?” – “It certainly is, but there isn’t any excitement.” – This episode is hammering at us again, with the same message. Safety is stasis, safety isn’t interesting. What is good, versus what isfun. Let’s see what they actually do with this.
  4. “When Samurai Flamenco was a dubious character, it was more fun.” – “That’s because you’re a selfish bastard.” – Ishihara-san laying it with the truth-bombs, oh yeah.
  5. “I feel bad for Mari-chan, the world is supposed to revolve around her!” – Some more truth-bombs. This episode is really working it with mirroring what happens to some characters with what happens to others.

2) Hazama’s Genesis as a Superhero is Complete!

  1. Shocking revelations about Hazama’s past! His parents had been killed by a burglar. He does have a history befitting a masked vigilante!
  2. And now we have the other side of things – Hazama isn’t doing what the story would demand, what is more “exciting”. He is just a simple boy, who grew up to search for peace, and these are parents he’d never known. Also, “I don’t know what to do!” – I think I’ve said it before, how in a way Samumenco is a show about growing up, about finding your way in the world. Not knowing what to do with new information is a perfect way to portray it. Also, anger is expected of him, but isn’t that easy to conjure out of cold ashes.
  3. GotoBro is best bro – “You’re a good freak. A freak that helps people.” – Well, helping people is sort of freaky. Doing so at a cost to yourself is very freaky. GotoBro is the cynicbro of the year.
  4. “You’re a human, so having questions is natural.” – He’s right, only zealots never have questions, and that’s scary. Real world scary. “As a fellow human I trust freaks, more than I trust heroes.” – GotoBro, you have such a way with words.

Post Episode Notes:

So, the episode kept talking to us about how things are quiet and boring, and how wanting them to be exciting is a selfish bastard’s request. There’s the curse “May you live in interesting times,” right – I think the whole spiel actually existed on two different levels. The first, is that all those who wished for chaos and disorder, oh boy did they get their wish.

The second level is the anime watchers’ level. Some people said they wanted more to happen. In early episodes, people did speak of how they wanted the stuff from the OP to happen, and now they might get their wish?

Still, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t an elaborate ploy on the part of the show-makers, especially with the lack of next episode previews. We’ve been told Masayoshi had been invited for another episode of Ensemble, makes you wonder if this is all fiction, right?

Well, shit just got very, very strange. I don’t even know if it’s “good wtf” or “bad wtf”, it’s just so… different. Well, let’s see where they go with this. That I know the show-makers know how to make good comedy, write good characters, and I’m fond of all the characters means that for now I’m fully on board with everything.

Well, I did say you never know what this show is going to throw at you, didn’t think I’d be this right :O

How fitting the only screenshot I took this episode is titled “Shocking revelations.”

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