Samurai Flamenco Episode 6 Notes – Comedy gold featuring Masayoshi and the stationery.

November 14th, 2013.

Three Flamenco Girls, and Goto having a job where he gets to team up with Hazama, what could possibly go wrong?

This show is justice, are you with me, my fellow “allies of justice” (which translates to “hero”)?

Shortest Asides:

  • Running and reading on your smartphone, and talking while running? You’re one impressive superhero, Hazama Masayoshi-kun.
  • “Tonight will be crazy!” – Not as crazy as you. It’s interesting how his passions and pose-striking moments mirror Samurai Flamenco exactly. They’re birds of a feather ;-) Heck, he’s much closer to Hazama than to Goto, who’s a cynic who doesn’t get excited.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Hazama’s Training and Passion:

  1. It’s not just Hazama’s training that’s paying off here, but his will, his determination, that allow him to just step in and strike.
  2. “You have a limited amount of attack options.” – Just like Hazama and Goto discussed when watching Red Axe videos – all the movies are telegraphed, and there’s a limited pool of them. Sentai shows are not the best place to pick up dynamic skills :3
  3. “Your passion is not enough!” – after my first note talks of the passion fueling him, ha! But yeah, passion is adding to what is there, it can’t replace it.
  4. “Without the force to back it up, justice is hollow.” – You know who else spouts lines such as these? Villains. It’s really neat, how this show is tying up all these super-hero lines, and has them come from people who are purportedly “allies of justice”, but often aren’t, and often blurs the lines and logic between hero-logic and villain-logic, which is often based on sides anyway. This is the real world, and this is a great show.

2) Because Mari Just Wants to Have Fun!

  1. Mari again is only thinking of fun and herself, she asked her friends to join because she was lonely, and she needs people around to stroke her ego, especially now that Hazama is unwilling.
  2. See, Moe knows the truth! And that’s why Mari likes Moe, because she’s willing to be used to stroke her ego.
  3. The porn, it’s essentially writing itself as we speak. Perfect place for the Pink Panther-track as well. Well, this isn’t like other shows which skirt the line on purpose and try to claim it’s “all innocent,” Mari is an adult, and she knows exactly what she’s doing here.
  4. Hahaha! The ranks aren’t too sure about crotch-stomping, crazy-leader-san! Also, the music that plays as they discuss their silly things, such as how to best crush a man’s crotch under foot. This show is crazy. “Time to blow off steam! Er, I mean, time for the Flamenco Girls to save the day!”

3) Comedy Gold Central, Featuring Hazama’s Stationery!:

  1. “This is exactly like what happened in [insert show name, season, episode number and episode name]!” – No Masayoshi, it’s like what’s been happening every time you went out and there was a bounty on your identity, before Joji came forth as Samurai Flamenco.
  2. “Look closely, it’s just a tool for attaching two sheets with a U-shaped metal fastener!” which joins the earlier “A ballpoint is nice because you can jot down a number with just one hand!” – I did wonder what a stationery company could do to help Samumenco, but this, this is comedy gold, especially as one of the thugs is just laughing and tells us what the stationery can be used for, the “commercial” is too stronk XD
  3. “However, as any weapon…” “-A weapon is only as strong as its user. Do not rely on your weapons to fight for you.” – You hearing this, the next show I’m going to watch after this, Kill la Kill? :)
  4. “Give it up, ten-million man.” and “Don’t try this at home, kids!” – I love this show.

“It’s a handy tool, but easy to misuse. People will jump on lies right away.” – This, alongside with the “Teamwork!” cry earlier did make me feel I was watching Gatchaman Crowds for a moment, earlier.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Hazama will not surrender his ideals, he will help the fallen man even if it’s a trap! And like any good moral fairy tale, the ant the third son helps on his way to the castle will later help him defeat the evil magician (Grimm Fairy Tales rock, you should all read them).

I really love this show, it’s making me laugh, without feeling it’s dumb, it’s making me smile, without caring that we’re all being foolish.

This show makes me feel good, while also not being so out there that you feel the characters live in anime-land rather than reality. Well, aside from the stationery moments, those were just pure physical comedy gold :D

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