Samurai Flamenco Episode 5 Notes

November 7th, 2013.

Things can’t stay as they are – Will Hazama stand up to Mari because he wants the spotlight, or because she’s a villain? The current situation isn’t yet resolved, so I wonder if they’ll introduce another character yet.

Shorter Asides:

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Mari the Villain and Hazama’s Disillusionment (with her):

“It’s hurtin’ time!” – “I know evil deserves to die!” – that’s Batman, that’s dark territory, most superheroes don’t go that route. You’re a real vigilante Mari, and aside from belonging to the same genre, usually not referred to as “super heroes”.

And then Hazama repeats after me, note that while the subs said “And you call yourself a superhero?” what heliterally said was “And you call yourself an ally of justice?” – I talked about this very important distinction before, like Mari said, she doesn’t really care about love and justice, what she cares about is having fun, the adrenaline rush – which is why she was annoyed Samurai Flamenco stole her debut. Unlike Hazama, she does care a lot about how she is seen, rather than spreading justice.

Yup, a villain. Also, if someone is an ally of justice, and you’re their ally, are you also an ally of justice? Well, we all know you can be a friend of someone and not another of their friends, so the answer is “Nope.” – which is why the “If you’re not with me, you’re against me” is a villain line, or a confused hero’s.

“Do you care more about your work or about supporting me?” – Interesting, Goto asked “Are all celebrities like this?” – and both Joji and Mari are striking me as somewhat narcissistic, Mari isn’t even trying to hide that he should be there as her shadow over look after his own life, how can anything beat basking in her light?

Mari knows the truth, but, they could become enemies even if they don’t work together. Hazama, think of what your grandfather had told you – “His justice is universal” – if her justice isn’t the same as yours, it might be because it’s no justice at all. Definitely is the case this time.

2) A Hero is Born:

“Many events surround the birth of a hero.” – I heard him say “Many episodes” which while it has the same meaning, he could also be talking or referring to television episodes, being a TV-star.

Hazama facing reality, a hero-related person who unlike Joji treats it as just a regular job. The dream isn’t as shiny when you see behind the scenes, and poke too deeply. It’s called growing up :3

Note how both within the show and without, Masayoshi is about receiving gifts from his grandfather, if that wasn’t obvious enough :3 – Well, also goes with “Both in fiction and in reality, heroes aren’t what I thought.”

“After you lost your parents.” – Hazama even has a superhero’s background origin story :3

Wait, are we seeing a flashback of Masayoshi all this episode, of him talking about how he became a hero, which is what Joji and Goto talked about? Nah, we’re seeing the background, over which he already took over on his own prior. Also, his grandfather is talking about Samurai Flamenco and superheroes in general as a symbol, of what people should aspire to be, which is how they’re often explained.

Never runs away from evil – which is also one of the messages in the mid-episode screen, and Hazama, you havebeen running away from Mari, from confronting her, and that is your task.

“Samurai Flamenco fights only for justice.” – no enjoyment or publicity here, bub.

3) GotoBro’s Disappointment:

Goto is actually not amused – he’s told he’s working for nothing, for the sake of appearances only, exactly the opposite of what he should do, which gives him some advantage over Samurai Flamenco, such as when he told him he should leave the work to cops. Now they’re like the celebrities, doing things for the sake of appearances.

Hm, Goto saw the wallet in the trash and did nothing about it, perhaps his assignment has him feeling down about being a cop, or it’s his general cynic and leave alone nature.

Oh my, that post ED section – Mari, you be crazy, girl.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Masayoshi found his backbone again, GotoBro is dissatisfied with being a glorified complaint-receiver, and thus strikes out with a scheme that gives him agency, and control over the crazy kids again.

Mari, Mari is definitely a villain, but realizing her justice isn’t the same as yours is only the first step, Hazama Masayoshi-kun.

Well, we’re getting more crazies, and we still hadn’t met Goto’s girlfriend. Fun fun fun. This episode was less about external events and more about revealing Mari’s nature some more, and exploring and changing within for our two dudes.

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