Samurai Flamenco Episode 4 Notes

October 31st, 2013.

The preview said this episode we’ll get the love interest, who’s also an ally of justice. I can’t wait. The characters in this show are all so great :D

Thoughts and Notes:

  • Hazama, if you pull someone off a scooter, they could get seriously hurt :< Heh, that dude Hazama punched looked just like him.
  • I chuckled when they had their “Master! Student!” exchange, but Goto’s cynicism was the best part :)
  • “The security cameras may not see you, but justice is always watching!” – How can you not love these lines? On their own they’re so cheesy, but Hazama just makes them work :3 But no, even he couldn’t make “Samurai Flamenco has stellar eyesight!” along with his moving arms work, no one can.
  • “My baton is used to inject love!” – two can play this game.
  • Each time the baton hits something, it makes a very definitive sort of CLANG, it probably weighs a ton.
  • “It’s hurting time.” – and those spikes on the baton – she doesn’t play nice, does she? And then she electrocutes someone, and kicks each of them in the crotch repeatedly… Yeah.
  • Goto seems like a random Flamenco stalker, following his every move, but he does so because he’s worried. GotoBro is best bro.
  • High speed chasing people until they run into lamp-posts, well, those two really have no clue about civilians and acting safely, I guess. Also, how is her car not tracked down? :3
  • Hazama and Mari’s energy levels add up to slightly over one person’s, as another goes up, the other goes down. They’re both suffering from being in love and feeling rejected – with the feeling of being needed, powerful, and popularity as masked heroes – not with one another, yet.
  • “Prevent crime by keeping your heads down and your doors locked.” – That’s a very non-inspirational message, and they send it to cops. “Just don’t cause any trouble.”
  • With how his girlfriend makes cynical GotoBro smile, I wish we’d see them together already <3
  • “I don’t really get the good versus evil thing, but I think bad guys deserve to die!” – You’re a villain ;_;
  • She tasered GotoBro? WTF?! What is wrong with you?! ;__;
  • “I didn’t think he’d look so good in a uniform.” – Well, her friend did say she’s always been eccentric, which is putting it mildly.

Some more important points:

“You used cheap shots, that’s not how a hero fights.” – “Did you forget? If I hadn’t shown up, your face would be all over the internet.” First, that’s also a cheap shot. Second, that’s exactly what a villain would say, judging things by their results and not the method.

Also, she made the point she’s stronger than Hazama, but what was last episode all about if not that the truth and the will matter more than strength? Or Kaname would still be wearing the Flamenco outfit.

You know, the way she bosses him around and leads him, it’s exactly what he fought against last episode, with refusing to accept to be known as the 2nd Flamenco, sort of. Well, he does accept him as his master, heh.

Post Episode Notes:

It hadn’t been explored this episode, but Flamenco Girl definitely raises issues all vigilantes need to deal with, especially the more idealistic ones such as Hazama – how far before you’re a villain? And is everything acceptable once they’re criminals?

Hazama also has to deal with not being in the spotlight, which will have him considering why he truly became a hero.

The episode was very amusing, and the characters in this show continue to be the best – the mixture of awful lines delivered in a believable manner only for something to ruin them later on is also great.

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