Samurai Flamenco Episode 3 Notes

October 24th, 2013.

Last episode we had one of the most exciting (bicycle) chases of recent history, anime or otherwise. We got to hear about trickle-down crime (or the “Broken Window theory” as exemplified by umbrella-theft.

I love this show, I love all the characters, and the way they interact. Can’t wait to see what this episode brings us.

Mini Notes/Asides:

Thoughts and Notes:

1) They continue with the heavy barometric pressure (pun about atmosphere) with Hazama’s manager, the soft vibrating hum-“music” that eases off as soon as she does. Also, throwing one of our protagonists into the frying pan as soon as the episode began.

Sometimes, you don’t need more than stills to convey a certain sense of pressure – in fact, stills do it best. Senjougahara from _monogatari is a good example.

2) Also, I’m sort of surprised he was willing to lie – then again, wearing a mask and using a pseudonym is the sort of “lie” he already engages in.

3) Ishihara-san certainly wasn’t born yesterday – as soon as the dude kept talking after she declined the interview, she knew where this was going. If Goto weren’t already taken, I’d have said she and Goto have a bright future together – as soon as she decided she wanted Goto. Narrative Causality and all that, so it could still happen.

Heh, as soon as Konno-san (sleazy reporter dude) appears, Ishihara’s mouth turns into a frown. Then again, she usually seems to have a frown.

4) LOL – those Japanese shows. I mean, does anyone there really think that dude looks anything like the dude in the videos, or are they just in for the spectacle? I wonder if both – the spectacle makes them want to believe it’s Samurai Flamenco, heh. This stuff is gold.

Ha! That old anime-style, with the axe-strike that split Japan. “S-senpai, you’re s-splitting Japan in half!” ;-)

5) Hazama is so conflicted, he is meeting one of his heroes. Also, he does get someone to spout the ideals he believes in, and it’s someone whose spouting of said ideals got him to believe in them to begin with.

The hug scene was great, just to show it in case people somehow managed to miss it – they look nothing alike. Also, in-show, I’m sure all the Fujoshi will be all over Hazama x Kaname, with the way Hazama blushed.

6) Kaname is making a nice argument – does it matter who’s “real”, when acting as if he’s real would be better off? Change reality, and everyone would be better off. This is The Dread Pirate Roberts all over again :3 (Princess Bride). The knee-jerk towards “The Truth is valuable on its own and the highest moral standground!” is well, childish and not really explored – in other words, it’s just like Hazama. But since Hazama is willing to lie about his identity, where’s the cut-off point between an ok lie and one that’s not ok?

“If you insist on standing in my path, you must be evil!” – Ah, the logical fallacy that fills shounen – “if you’re evil, you stand in my path” translates to “If you don’t stand in my path, you’re not evil.” (Formal Logic, not common sense), but it doesn’t follow that if you stand in his path, you’re evil (which you can translate into – If you’re not evil, you won’t stand in my path).

The fallacy is obvious, they treat the relation as bi-directional – if you resist, you’re evil, and if you’re evil, you resist. Also, anyone who’s not evil will not resist, and anyone who doesn’t resist, isn’t evil – there are some interesting villains who don’t directly hinder the heroes.

7) “A weak hero is powerless to save anyone.” – and the sentai lines keep flowing, spoken seriously, in the real world. This stuff is great, I’d get popcorn if I hadn’t been glued to my screen :>

Also, who are you calling weak? Shounen (and sentai is a sub-genre) is all about willpower!

“Convincing a friend they’re doing something wrong is the hardest thing you’ll ever do – that’s what I wanted to teach you.” – HAHAHAHA! This stuff is great! This stuff is amazing!

Post ED notes – so we’re going to keep collecting curry-buddies of justice until we have everyone that appears in the image used to promote this show? I’m fine with that :3

I also liked how homey the whole situation felt, how natural, but also the semi punchline of them talking about genre-tropes (ala Clerks and Clerks 2 characters) and then panning to seeing Joji there.

Post Episode Thoughts:

This show is justice! This show is love! This show is all that is good and great with life!

The ridiculousness levels were high this episode, but it actually felt good, it felt like it grew organically out of the characters this show has, and not to mention we used to facepalm and identify with Ishihara and Goto, who get dragged into this madness.

The characters are still really well done, and the chemistry levels continue to be exceedingly high.

Also, don’t forget, GotoBro is best bro.

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