Samurai Flamenco Episode 2 Notes

October 17th, 2013.

This friendship can be the stuff of legends. I suspect slowly we’ll have the cynical cop get closer to the position of the idealistic Hazama, because that’s how these things go. Going to note notes post watching.

Thoughts and Notes:

OP before anything else, also a classic touch.

The poses as he gives his spiel, just following “I am not a suspicious character!” – heh.

Haha, that drop of sweat on his friend’s face as he listens, without an over-anime-ization of it either.

Food plates in the middle of anime-figures because there’s no other room. The power level – the single man’s life-style ;_;

“Friend?” – “Can’t be. I don’t have any friends; aside from you, Goto-san.” – Awww. “That was way too creepy.” – An adult, cynical response. This duo is the stuff of legends.

Well, he can’t let her see his hobbies – his power level is waning. He’s more like a child, can’t help himself, but then knows he did something he shouldn’t have. He really is like a child.

I wondered why we got that calm music – and then BAM! She grabs his face! and the music picks up. We need a gif of that. And then the music calms as she does. And the suspicious look she gave Goto. Yandere?

“Do you have any plans tonight, Ishihara?” – this episode, especially with the music, really makes me think of noir films.

“If you want to warn people, don’t wear a mask. Hiding your face cheapens your message.” – Speaking to a hero, use lines that wouldn’t be amiss in a hero show.

In other words, Hazama isn’t human, the last time he can think of doing something wrong is first grade, and see how much it had affected him.

Hazama-kun, you’re crazy, but you’re a good friend, and a good guy. I like you, Hazama-kun, even if deep inside I’m very much like Goto. Heck, that might be why I like you.

Ha! It all gets tied together! If people didn’t throw their garbage when they shouldn’t, heroes of justice would have no trouble navigating the side-streets on their bicycles!

Post Episode Notes:

First, we’re going to get a love story, and from someone else who seems to be an ally of justice, or at least a big time sentai lover, crazy couples!

The show’s energies are still good. The characters are all relatable, the interactions are all solid. This is an entirely character-driven show thus far, and the characters and the actors all work out so well together.

Cynicism vs optimism, ridiculous people, small moments, such as the umbrella theft, and the friendship… I am just enjoying this show too much. I want to marathon it, why must I wait a week per episode? ;_;

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