Samurai Flamenco Episode 12 Notes

January 9th, 2014.

Return to a Skewed Normalcy

Hm, let’s try for less notes during the episode, perhaps…

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Back to “Normalcy” / Silly Sentai Squad:

Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco episode 12 anime

  1. We’re back to the post King-Torture territory, we meet a new evil, and then things quickly become normal – in episode 8 people got used to it, here it’s with “Beyond” being just like King Torture – crazy looking monsters, but silly, and silly schemes. Even if here they have the firepower to make them happen.
  2. “It’s unorthodox to start with a big attack.” – Heh, what are we doing, fighting to save people, or obeying genre tropes?
  3. That almost Peter and the Wolf-like duck music when Hazama compliments his team-mates, that off-key wobbling comedy-ish, uncomfortable tune, I wonder what that could mean :3
  4. That’s Flamen-Pink, the way to people’s hearts is to give them a hand-made phone-strap after saving them from monsters!
  5. A monster called Miyamoto Musashi drawing 5 rings. Everyone here is such a geek, heh.
  6. Also, sort of funny how the MMM34 are hitting them with the flats of their blades, they’re for the most part old and feeble looking people, and it’s as if they’re hitting the youngsters with their sticks. You know, if this is all a drug-addled dream, then after defeating the young men, the elderly group around the five hooligans and are running them out of town ;-)
  7. Deluxe mode! It’s as if they’re planning expansions to their figures! Also, is that a prehensile penis chainsaw? :3 Samurai Flamenco pl0x :PAnd then it emitted waves that made the female monster moan and stand there doing nothing :3

2) GotoBro Best Bro / Hazama Stands alone:

Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco episode 12 anime

  1. Aww, GotoBro still best bro. I missed seeing these two goof-balls together :)
  2. BTW, dunno what’s up, but the art is really lacking detail, just look at Goto’s face here :-/ And the Flamen Car looked plastic as all hell as well.
  3. LOL! That came out of nowhere. Mari lives in Goto’s closet. I thought it’d be Goto’s girlfriend or something, since we’ve seen the umbrella.
  4. “I almost went back to relying on Goto-san, but I’m a hero. I should do my best.” – Sentai heroes have allies, didn’t you say so yourself? A hero has allies, and friends. Doing your best doesn’t mean you can’t bring people in, when your best is not sufficient. A hero also needs some humility, enough to admit when they could use a hand.

3) The Team of Individuals, On Heroes:

Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco episode 12 anime

  1. And then when he invites them to curry, when he invites them to home, they all turn him down. That’s what happens when your line-up is made up of “Red ranger” personalities.
  2. Yeah, the other “Reds” aren’t really heroes for the sake of justice, they’re like Mari – they all wanted to be red, because they all wanted to be in the spotlight. All they think of is themselves. Heroes stand apart, but Hazama sacrifices himself for others, while the rest will sacrifice the populace for themselves, only they matter. They’re basically sociopaths.
  3. And now they’re having curry! The bonding worked!

OP – Not a real fan of the sound, I like the animation style. Seeing the Flamengo Girls, I trust we’ll meet them again :) But seriously, “Ai-ayayai-ayayai!” is this a Jewish wedding (I’ve been to dozens, don’t judge me :P)? :p

ED – Cute, and the best animated part of the show :P Seems to also reference Le Petit Prince.

Post ED-sequence – Yeah, very shounen/sentai, from the Four Kings to the Sixty-Four Gods :D

Post Episode Notes:

Well, this episode still hadn’t showed us where they’re going, but it was a thankful return to “normalcy”, or what is normal for this show – we got to see Mari, we had Hazama and GotoBro interact, albeit shortly.

We again had a small discussion on the nature of heroes, leadership, and teamwork, and again saw the difference between “heroes” who think of themselves first and foremost, and those who value justice and others over themselves.

The animation though… I can’t help but wonder if the show fails to attract the numbers it was expected to, so they cut some of its budget off, or something :3

Also, this episode had been fun, but better see where they’re going with all of this.

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One comment on “Samurai Flamenco Episode 12 Notes

  1. Aeternix says:

    While at the beginning of episode 8 (and ever since) I’ve been believing that the writers have known exactly what they were doing. This belief wavered from time to time (the completely unexplained speed at which the ranger squad baffled me slightly) I still held a firm stance. Now? Now I’m not so sure.

    I really want the writers to do something so I know they haven’t just lost sight of what they were deconstructing. This episode helped reaffirm that, but with the shifty animation and the reused scenes in the title sequence (which bothers me a lot from a funding perspective) I am starting to doubt.

    Now, speaking of the title, if they were to have the first half (up to king torture appearing) and then have the last half be scenes from the episode prior, I would be fine with the style of the opening. In fact, it would go perfectly with the deconstruction aspect as it returns to that idea – basically now a motif – of repetition. Either way, I’ve committed this far, not going to stop now :P.

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