Samurai Flamenco Episode 11 Notes

December 19th, 2013.

Sentai Delivered so straight It Must be Satire:

We’re not even close to the show ending, and what with the hints about traces of matter not originating on Earth and the shiny rock replacing King Torture’s heart, alongside the episode name being “From Beyond”, I suspect we’ve got interesting things ahead of us.

Thoughts and Notes:

Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco anime episode 11

That awkward moment everyone comes to the party with the same costume.

  1. That somewhat sad, somewhat epic music as Masayoshi reveals himself, it’s the sort of music that’d repeat through the spiritual moments of Braveheart and Gladiator, as they near being reunited with their (dead) loved ones…
  2. Well, it’s Japan, so it was inevitable for some giant monsters to appear from the sea.

    Erm, yeah, that monster sort of looks like the sort of ridiculous monsters the low-budget SFX department of Power Rangers will come up with.

  3. “Huh? Huh?! Huh!!!” – I can understand Masayosih. Joji of all people to step in and step up? What’s going on here? Events are progressing too quickly.
  4. LOL, so these “aliens” know enough English to give us “From Beyond”, and they know enough about earthlings to give us an acid-trip music video from the 90s as their introduction. Well, they sure know what earthlings are like ;-) They should get a new director and sound guy though.
  5. “Samurai Sentai Flamenge!” Huh… wha… :O
  6. Of course they have an underground base, it’s like the Thunderbirds, and the Samurai Pizza Cats :D I’m seeing my childhood reborn here!
  7. By the by, this is supposed to be a real aircraft and vehicle, not toys. The animation department could’ve certainly used a hand here, almost feels like they all took a break.
  8. LOL, From Beyond continue with their acid trip, 80s style crappy videos to introduce their agents.
  9. Hahaha! So many “Reds”! Well, he did call it “The Super Team”, they all have “Type A personalities” probably and saw themselves as the stars of their shows – many people do, especially those who long to be superheroes, there is something in them that calls for them to feel special, unique. Also, it’s so Joji to offer the leader role to everyone to get them on board. He’s also “Red Axe”, so he sure loves the colour.
  10. Even as a leader of a covert organization, Joji is Joji, and flakes whenever the going gets tough. “It is your job to take control, that is what it means to be a leader.” – All well and even true, but you only say it to run away, not because you truly care for it, Kaname-san.

    Do you know why Kaname went to fight? Some might say he’s finally doing what he should, but it’s probably easier for him to fight this monster than confront his five red disciples :P Just like when we procrastinate, we often get a lot done, just not the right stuff.

  11. So, yes, they took the time to change their suits. Can’t fight without your true face on, just ask luchadores :3

    We laughed when it was with the “Tromboy and the Brass Rangers,” I’m chuckling now :)

  12. Those ridiculous moves suited to their nature are like something from Kill la Kill, the animation quality as well :D Also, how very fitting we have their theme song playing as they fight their first major opponent.
  13. Flamengers = Flamenco Rangers, even with the fusion. The “Let’s Flamenco!” bit was twee (which is an actual word).

Post Episode Notes:

Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco anime episode 11

“Wai, wha?” – This is too fast for Hazama to follow.

I was laughing all the while here. Not laughing out loud, but giggling, as my childhood was brought back to me on screen, and mocked, and adulated, and congratulated.

I, well, for the first time I have no idea what to say about Samumenco, for the first week I admit defeat.

I think this episode was just to show us the new world, and hopefully next week will show us where things are headed, and where our themes are. This isn’t the same as episode 7, as there the shock was short, or episode 8, because that one quite quickly returned things to “mundane life”, and returned us to Hazama’s arc, but now we spent an entire episode on this, and I have no idea what they’ll do next episode.

Well, my fellow allies of justice, I’ll be here, for I am your Red Leader! :P

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2 comments on “Samurai Flamenco Episode 11 Notes

  1. Aeternix says:

    Wait! No I’m Red Leader! mumbles How come you get to be Red Leader! :P

    Joking aside, I agree with a lot of your statements on this. I originally thought they were going to return to the Kick-Ass-esque vibes of before when Masayoshi revealed himself. Instead they gave us the ‘final bad guy’ and an explanation on King Torture immediately after battling him. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing and the pace really quickened when they explained all this, but as you said, it’s satire so its fine as long as they get around to deconstructing it. The King Torture had an amazing finish to the arc, questioning the value of heroes in a society like ours, and I really appreciated that (so I hope they dig deep into the psyche of the Super Sentai show for the ending). But all that can wait. For now I’m sitting back, huge smile on my face, and enjoying my childhood memories flying back to me. I cannot get enough of this show!

    I think the only question I can muster is, “Where’s Mari?” She seemed oddly off the screen after such a huge character development. I hope she’s still in the show, especially after they introduced the four other heroes. With her ending moment in episode 10, I really want to see how that affected her.

    • Guy says:

      I didn’t like this episode much from an analytically sense, it’s the only episode where “stuff happens” but we don’t actually get any thoughts on theme.

      I have no idea what will happen with Mari, but I hope she’ll still be around. By the by, when Goto made a call and no one answered, I thought the female Flamenger was his girlfriend whom he was calling, rather than Masayoshi.

      But yeah, I smiled a bunch this episode :)

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