Samurai Flamenco Episode 1 Notes

October 10th, 2013.

How exciting, a show I know nearly nothing about, I come to it as a blank slate. I’m going to watch the episode and then take notes. First episodes are usually slim pickings in terms of write-ups, and it’s better to throw one’s self in. Hopefully this time I don’t give in after 2 minutes…

Thoughts and Notes:

OP – nothing to say aside from seeing hair swishing in the wind. Also, well-drawn in general, in a slightly more classic animation style.

Good VA on the MC, reminds me of Morita Masakazu in his role as Barnaby in Tiger and Bunny.

“After I’ve accumulated some experience against petty criminals, I can level up and move on to bigger criminals.” – the gamification talk here is inversed, rather than bring games into reality, it shows his disconnect from reality, always escaping to the language of shows or games.

Ok, I did watch this show in large part due to being by Manglobe, and this show? It made me feel nostalgic, in all the right ways. The animation style and care is a tad “classic”, and I appreciate it. Not trying to be unique, just giving me a super solid rendition.

The actors all do their work well, the characters interact well. The theme of the show and the characters had me smiling throughout. Ridiculous? No. Very human, very relatable.

It’s hard to find something “Extraordinary” about this show to sell it to people, except that the level of craft displayed in every small thing and how they all add up is just superb.

And it’s a 22 episode show. Many good long series this season. And 22 shows to me is a good sign, knowing how long they want the show to be, not forcing it to be 25 episodes long if they don’t think it should be.

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