Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 Notes

July 19th, 2014.

Friends and Monsters of the Week

Well, last episode was sort of alright, but also underwhelming. We met our main character, the talking mascot, and the love interest. We also know we’ve got opponents, and that Usagi has allies she should find. Let’s see how it shakes out.

Screenshot album.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Friends and Foes:

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 anime - Mizuno Ami looks at Tsukino Usagi and her friends

1) So, we have a brainiac, a girl who does well on tests but has no friends, and you can see it troubles her. She sees Usagi, who is her opposite – a girl who is happy with her lot, with her bad grades but ample friends. A team composed of opposites. The important thing is we know Ami is going to have friends soon, or at least allies.

That Usagi and Ami contrast one another isn’t even something “subtle”, we clearly see them one after the other, and one looking at the other.

2) Jadeite, Queen Beryl. “Crystal”. So the opposition is about minerals, about terrestrial metals, about earthwhile our protagonists are heavenly bodies. And yes, I know other planets are also composed of the same minerals.

3) The queen, the summoning of a new monster every time. It truly reminds me of the early Power Rangers with Rita. Heh.

4) Also, delegation. The good guys have to go around and do things. The bad guys? Beryl commands Jadeite who simply sends out a dispensable underling to do his work for him. Pfft. Well, guess we need our new heroines some weaklings to train on before we throw the big guns at them.

5) Oh yeah, Usagi is also stuck with a bum job. Evil spirits that aren’t supposed to be on this plane? Find your fellow “allies”, who also got stuck with these powers and save the good aliens’ princess! Talk about getting the short end of the stick.

2) Rats in a Maze:

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 anime - Studying is hard work

1) Tuxedo Mask truly is in Luna’s database. But where exactly is Luna right now? What is this place with these holo-computers, is this a space-ship? :3

2) Usagi, making friends! The true power of many protagonists, the ability to get along with everyone. Who knows, Usagi might stop failing tests at some point :^)

3) “Crystal Seminar”, “Sailor Moon Crystal”, and the “Legendary Silver Crystal”. Coincidence? I think not!

4) The kids in Crystal Seminar, each in their own cubicle. They’re like workers. Heck, they are. Just like last episode, it’s another scheme by the bad guys, to lure people in via their dreams, and then suck them dry of energy.

5) Sadness. The eye-catches were superb, are superb, but they didn’t switch them :(

6) Choosing studying over ice-cream! This must be brain-washing! No other way to explain it! Heh.

3) “Fake it till you make it!”

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 anime - Brainwashing programs!

1) Studying, and computer programs will wash your brains! Then again, that Sailor V game is also a program, but there even as you play alone, others crowd behind you. Still, this is sort of funny – nothing like hitting random keys to force the subconscious brain-washing messages to play out loud!

2) Yes, all you need to be a doctor is a flight stewardess outfit and a stethoscope. It’s like playing house.Now we just need Dr. House.

3) “I checked your disc and I know it has a brainwashing program on it!” – No accusation, but said with a smile. But what does get her worked up? Betraying another’s dream, promising them and not delivering – that will not be tolerated.

And yet with all of her bluster, Usagi, as she told us in the first episode, is somewhat of a cry-baby, and quick to lose her nerve.

4) Team-work ahoy!

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 anime - Mizuno Ami is Sailor Mercury -

1) The enemies are learning! “Ultrasonic waves won’t work on me!” – Time to stop crying, Usagi-chan! Another way in which this is like Power Rangers, Poke’Mon, and the rest of them. Each time we need to power up more, as the old method is no longer applicable.

2) Usagi is literally being defeated by studying papers and tests. You know who is an ace at studying and taking tests? Ami!

3) “Douse yourself in water and repent!” – One episode, two transformation sequences, each roughly 45 seconds long. But hey, it’s all worth it for those lines at the end.

4) “With your intelligence, you can be our “Brain!”” – Luna is making a Mechazoid, or a Captain Planet. Take 5 girls, make up one super-team. But yeah, the same sort of delegation as the enemies have, except here it’s friendship. But still. Luna could easily have been a villain, or seen as one. Giving the girls what they dream of, or forcing them to turn to powers when they are in a pinch.

5) Of course, “capable” Usagi needs to be rescued by her masked prince.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 anime - Tuxedo Mask rescues Sailor Moon

Erm, there’s not a lot to be said really. It is a children show, thus far. We have a monster of the week, and we’re collecting our allies. We see friendship is the way to go forward, that we all have different talents – be it being smart, or being able to make friends quickly, and we should be open to other people.

Tests are evil, but if you don’t fear them, you can conquer them. When you’re in a pinch, your friends, and a prince charming will come to lend a hand, but in the end you’ll still have to deal with your problems on your own. Those are the morals I’d call out if you really pushed me into the corner.

It’s pretty formulaic right now. The real question is what will happen once the whole gang of Sailors is here. Will we stay in “Monster of the Week”? Will we move on to bigger face-offs, and the characters will have to make tough choices?

Probably the only full-episodic notes for this show, as it stands right now. It’s very light entertainment at this point, and there’s not much to call out or discuss. Maybe once it actually delves into themes, if it does.

Again, I’ve never watched the original Sailor Moon, so I’m treating this as its own thing, and coming to it fresh. Don’t tell me how the original series did, because this one will stand or fall on its own for me.

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