Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1 Notes

July 5th, 2014.

First Impressions – Funny and Childish

Sailor Moon never aired here. I’ve never watched Sailor Moon, and managed to avoid spoilers. I’m going to be treating this as its own show. I might compare it to other magical girl shows I know, or non-magical girl shows, books, films… as I always do. But I don’t care for differences from the original series, or the manga.

Let’s go.

Screenshot album.

Production / Style:

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal anime episode 1 notes - Opening eyecatch

OP – The graphics, especially the CGI, were nothing to write home about. The music had good energy, especially in the fully instrumental portions. The vocals seemed to be unsure whether they wanted to be energetic or chill, and some of the singers have no business singing at all. The lyrics make it clear, “I can be my own hero, I don’t need to wait for a man to save me” as well as “A new legend begins,” which can refer both to the titular Sailor Moon but also to the show.

ED – Calm, chill, and the lyrics are sort of the opposite of the OP’s. There we make our own path, and here we join together. There we embark on a dream with much bravado, and here we long for a sweet dream. Standard ED fare, honestly. The voices are better as well, it’s more cohesive, as a whole.

Usagi and her mom’s voices? Oh my. I’m not a fan of women pulling a falsetto, it was more than a tad jarring to my ears. I really liked Usagi’s voice when she called forth on her powers though, with the “Moon Prism Power Make Up!” and “Star Power Bommerang” (I think!).

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal anime episode 1 notes - Luna shouts

The slight choral music which we had in the beginning, and then as Luna looked up at the moon in the shop, big fan of that.

Art-style is the sort that gave “Big Eyes, Small Mouth” its origin, eh? I also kept thinking of how much Usagi reminds me of Joseph Joestar, with “What is this?!” they could be siblings, hue.

The dark silhouette shots though, for the opening, the to be continued, and the two in the eye-catches? Wow. I loved these. I liked the chibi Sailor V in the dream/arcade, but less.

The CGI transformation? I liked bits of it, didn’t like others. The CGI in the opening was bad though.

Themes, Content, Etc.:

“Shiny make up” though, LOL. I’m sorry. That part in the opening made me laugh.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal anime episode 1 notes - Usagi is late

“Say it loud, say it proud! Moon Prism Power Make Up!” – This show is gay. I’m not saying it as an insult, but rather as a descriptive sense. It’s somewhat stereotypically so, but I can see how this show is brought up about giving young girls agency. The OP is very much about that as well, but then the ED, and Usagi pining after Tuxedo Mask, and even the dream, where a hero comes to save the girl all go against it.

But then again, as a major theme, which is what I suspect it’d be, deserves time to be explored, and contrasted, and fought for?

Usagi is very ditzy. She’s late to school. Only missing a toast in her mouth. Yes, it’s very tropey. Yes, it helped popularize the trope, but at this age, it matters less. Also, she’s dressed in blue and white, which are Alice’s colours (Alice in Wonderland), she’s named “Rabbit”, and she’s always late? Well, it’s time to enter the world beyond the looking glass.

It’s kinda weird that Usagi has to find her allies. Talk about shoddy organization. The cat telling her to fight, scratching her, and doing nothing on its own. Classic magical mascot. Burn them all!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal anime episode 1 notes - Eye-catch - Sailor Moon and Masked Tuxedo

Girls talking about romance, girls as enemies and allies in the store. This is very much a children show thus far. Not a dig, Princess Tutu is also a children show, and one of the best anime I’ve ever seen, but it’s still a children show.

I didn’t find a lot to be impressed by, but there also wasn’t a lot there, and Usagi’s voice is killing me (and the show agrees, she even weaponized it!), but I assume there’s going to be more to the series, and well, I laughed, quite a bit. It’s all very silly, and I can do with some silliness on Saturday noon. So I guess it was “ok” for now.

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