Overlord Episode 1 Notes

July 8th, 2015.

First Impressions:


OverLord anime episode 1 notes - Albedo wants to bone Momonga, the LN influences are strong.

In case you forgot this is based on a Light Novel.

OP – Interesting Engrish. Good energy, I find myself liking it and tapping my foot as I listen to it in the background, but less of a fan when I focus on it as I listen.

ED – Albedo really looks like Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) here in the visuals. Not sure I’m a fan, definitely a song that tries a bit too hard. I like bits, and dislike others. A bit of a mess as a whole? I do like the more energetic and less breathy bits.

It is definitely not the prettiest of shows. The character designs are simple and relatively unadorned, and their execution isn’t all that crisp either. It seems the girls get the better end of the deal, especially as the episode progresses, but it’s really not an impressive show, visually, either in execution or in terms of design. The voice acting this episode was still not much to go on by. I did like that the inner-voice and outer-voice of the MC were so distinct, but the outer one is a bit meh.

The colour palette is actually interesting to speak of in this regard, where it is quite dark and dour even, aside from being minimalistic, and brings forth a certain lack of energy. Only fitting for one who rules a grave’s fortress, isn’t it? The girls are a nice dash of colour, in this regard, standing out against the darkness, especially Albedo with her white outfit and pale skin.


OverLord anime episode 1 notes - Mononga is the cutest overlord

“My skeletal overlord can’t be this cute!” – Alternate title

Not just the visuals, but especially the show itself reminded me quite a bit of Log Horizon, specifically of the themes of the 2nd season, and especially those demonstrated in episode 10, the one focusing on the “I am a gamer!” speech, and one’s place in the world, as a gamer with gamer friends, and how one relates to non-gamers. We didn’t really get to see our main characters interact with the other players much, or see his life as it used to be, but even so, looking back on how they spent their time together, knowing that they’ve made sacrifices for the game, and more importantly, for the guild they were all members of, noting the small touches such as skipping work to play or how characters mess with their NPC creations all felt real.

And this is what it is, it’s being fond of time spent together, it’s being nostalgic, but there is no anger at how the world moved on, or how it doesn’t cater to you. As it was said, this guild’s members were all people “integrated in normal society,” and although it was merely said, the small touches and lack of immature actions delivered on that background detail.

And then the show made serious work into harem territory. A busty demoness who wants to bone our skeletal overlord? That seems pretty normal for anime and its source material, and that the main character didn’t really realize what we was doing as he was fondling her, thinking of his own issues, was again true to his characterization, but man,really? That much? Reminds me of another similar show Madhouse adapted last year, No Game, No Life, with Jibril. This was quite lewd, with the face, the swaying, the butt, and the whole scene. The two dark elf twins, Shaltear, the maidens, it was all very haremy at that point. I liked the “big brother mode” with him just pulling out a jug for the two kids and having to remind himself that he has to act as a proper superior, but it was more than a tad silly.

Overall? It has a lot of things I like, at least the sound of, but the question is whether they’ll be merely backdrop or dealt with, and some of the fanservice or the harem setup was a bit thick. But I’ve liked it overall.

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