Ore Monogatari Episode 1 Notes

April 8th, 2015.

First Impressions:


Ore Monogatari!! anime episode 1 anime - Gouda Takeo likes sweets

OP – Going by the OP, I’d have thought it’s a standard Shoujo RomCom, with a love triangle and everything, but with one girl who’s the heroine and gets to choose. Well, we’ll certainly have to see how it plays out, because the OP is screaming “LOVE TRIANGLE!” at us. Nice song, I like it, overall. Not bad visuals either, but standard shoujo-ish.

ED – Alright, but utterly forgettable.

I quite like this show’s designs. Shoujo romances all look rather similar, in terms of character design, and Sunakawa looks like every other “pretty-boy” character, Yamato with her big eyes looks like every other heroine… but they also look sharper than most anime adaptations let them be.

This is the real difference, not in the designs, which are identical to every other shoujo manga, but this show does look quite different from other shoujo manga adaptations, which have nice pastel coloured backgrounds, character models that are at best functional, and next to no animation. This show has lavish and sharp backgrounds, like Chihayafuru did, which are more commonly seen in shounen shows (Sakurasou) or pure dramas (AnoHana)

And we actually have animation. Man, when Takeo punched the groper? That’s more animation than most shoujo romances can muster in half a season! ;-)

Cute designs, funny faces while also serious when needed. Can’t really think of many shoujo romance anime that’ve done better.

Plot / Themes:

Ore Monogatari!! anime episode 1 notes - Gouda Takeo will cheer on Yamato Rinko

Man, what a Nice Guy™ is Takeo. But is the show presenting it as a good thing, him saving others, and then expecting to get rewarded for it? I think it sort of presents itself in this manner at this point, but that relatively quickly there’ll be a breakdown in communication and people will shout at him to go for what he desires. But there’s still the undercurrent of “the loyal friend”, who does what is right, and doesn’t “infringe” upon others. Only remains lonely at the end of the day.

The show had been, from the OP, presenting itself as a love triangle, but is it? This sort of reminds me of the premise of Toradora, where one character pledges to help another attain their love. But if there is anything about these shows it’s that most characters have the exact same conflict.

What do I mean? I think it’s very likely that Suna is turning down all those girls because he knows Takeo likes them. Just as now Takeo is set to help Suna land the girl, that he will help Yamato “win” Suna, because he loves her enough that it’d hurt him more to see her sad than to see her with Suna, in the same manner Suna is trying to help Takeo get the girls, or at least not be heart broken over him dating them.

And of course, it’s going to blow up sooner or late, but that’s how these shows go. It’s comfort food. That’s what shoujo romances are for me. I hope I’ll shed some tears, but that’s what makes it comfort food, not the opposite of one, for me.

Not much happened thus far. It seems like it’d be a pretty slow show. They usually are.

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  1. Eddie says:

    Hey Guy, you got the wrong info!

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