One Punch Man Episode 1 Notes

October 4th, 2015.


One-Punch Man anime Episode 1 notes - Saitama punches the subterannean

OP – I didn’t care for the sound until the choir/band kicked in, but from them on I either liked it or loved it. Very energetic. The art during the OP was really good as well, either in stills format, or animated, with varied art-styles, smooth animation, and a nice colour palette.

ED – Quiet, chill, quite nice. I like it. Very much the opposite of the OP in terms of style. Very common style of ED, but better done than usual.

I think I’ll start with this header for this show. First, and not foremost, the sound direction was good, and immediately after the OP, when we met Crablante, I thought to myself, “Hm, this BGM, and speech sound effects sound just like Fairy Tail (2011)!” and I looked it up, and turns out I was right, seeing as Hata Shouji was the sound director for that show, as well as this show. The sound effects are good, the music is good, and the OP and ED are both good as well.

Now the art, this show is very good looking. Crisp, gritty, cute, serious. It picks all sorts of moods, and the looks that go with them, going alongside a scale of details, rough lines to smooth, etc. And each of those looks wholesome and fitting of the show as a whole. The fight sequences also tend to use more than one style, with the cute rounded style at some, and a grittier style that makes heavy use of thick black lines, with sharper chins in the other.

This show looks good, and when it chooses to not look good, it still looks competent.

Themes / Story / Atmosphere:

One-Punch Man anime Episode 1 notes - Saitama punches the strongest man in the world

Let’s start with my overall impression and feeling for the show. The show feels like what you’d get if you’d combine Hataraku Maou-Sama (which I thought was “fine”), Blood Lad (which I thought was “eh”), Gintama (couldn’t hold my attention) and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Liked, not loved, grew tired of the never-ending Cairo arc). Long story short, I think this show is fun, I think this show is gorgeous, but thus far, it just might not be the show for me, and that’s fine. Not every show needs to be for me.

I would tell you though that I’m writing all of this with a grain of salt, because we don’t really know what the show is going to be like/do, story-wise, just yet. From the trailers, I know Saitama is going to collect a whole menagerie of crazy characters around him, but we haven’t met any of them yet. I do hope they introduce them faster than one at a time, because while meeting new characters can be fun, I am more curious at what he’ll do once they’re all together.

For now, you could see Saitama’s ennui as commentary on the nature of the world we live in, where we do things half-heartedly, but if we don’t really put our all into it, then we grow bored, and then can’t put in even half a heart. That this is life, and many of us live without true desires, just wishes we remember from our childhood, but they’re not true overdriving desires.

One-Punch Man anime Episode 1 notes - Saitama is bored

Or we could see what it’s like saving people, being “heroes”, when we lack conviction. Or how lonely it is to be at the top, and what are we here for anyway? We usually complain when things get rough, but would we really like them to be easy, as a way of life?

But that’s something the show raises more as a premise, less as a concept to seriously explore, I think, and if it does explore it seriously, then we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

One Punch Man is a well-made, fun show, at least by its pretty great premiere, but it didn’t grab me, and that’s fine. I’d have watched the hell out of a pure action version of the show though, and I’m still going to keep watching, because, well, it’s still fun, even if its attempts at humor left me cold.

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