Noragami Episode 7 Notes

February 16th, 2014.

Holding Onto Object-People

Today’s the first day of the new semester. Just got home and had lunch, even though it’s 18 ;_; Well, time for anime. Seems Mr. Super-Regalia is going to tell Hiyori what’s the deal with Yato, and we’ll learn alongside her. After last episode I realized there’s no “big plot” for this season, and all we have is the backstory of Yato, and learning of the world and our three main characters, I’ve oriented myself again. Perhaps if there’s a 2nd season we’ll get a big P-Plot.

Well, I’m actually curious, so let’s see what we’ve got.

Thoughts and Notes:

Main Thoughts:

Noragami episode 7 notes anime - Bishamon and her army of regalias.

1) So that’s why Mayu stressed breaking her contract first, and then insisted on her current name being Mayu, and that she is no longer “Yukine”. To have multiple names is to be a Nora. Names are masks, and we all wear various masks. Heck, even the regalia, they have a name as a person, a name as a weapon, and a name as a contract, I think. Names convey their being, their stature. To add names, to change names, is to change their beings. We can change our names without changing our composition, but when your name and your ontological position are so closely tied, I guess you can’t just add more on top.

Besides, I guess the old gods are sticklers for what is proper and don’t want their underlings, their tools, to belong to others as well. I demand Free Love! :P

2) Answers? Ha! We’re just getting more questions – Why doesn’t Yato get rid of Yukine? Why does Kazuma owe things to and care for Yato? And why did Yato kill one of Bishamon’s regalia? So little is known, and the questions only add up, until everything will be revealed all at once.

3) But, we do know. The “Do no wrong!” that Yato told Yukine? It’s important to him. It’s interesting, gods know what is “proper” via regalia, and it’s in their best interest to know what is “proper” so they could stop their regalia from doing what is improper, lest harm comes to them. Unless, of course, as I said once before, they find a regalia with a warped sense of right and wrong who will do anything without it causing them harm.


Noragami episode 7 notes anime - Delinquent Yukine

1) “He was ailing badly, I shouldn’t have let him go.” – Did she intend to help him, as in some form of protective custody, or does she mean it was her chance? I think thinking it’s all hate might be missing something, she does look quite thoughtful.

2) Kazuma had already called Bishamon “Veena” twice. For all we know, only Regalia have multiple names, hm?

3) Eight regalias, a small army. Bishamon truly is a major god, same as the god of learning (Tenjin) who had a small harem . In a way, so is Kofuku, but she’s poor, and she only needs Daikoku by her side to wreak havoc :p

4) Man, that delinquent look, he even has that blonde “yankee” hair (term for youngsters up to no good, who often bleach their hair), he even looks somewhat demonic – unruly teenagers are demon-spawn :P

5) I like the colours in scenes such as this. Incoming “Rend!” :p

Next episode’s preview, in some aspects they’ve given us almost “filler” content, in other senses, especially the title, “Over the Line”, it seems to be quite serious. Especially when one of the main themes of the show is one of borders.

Post Episode Thoughts:

So, we’ve learnt this is more than just a minor annoyance. Yato has the option of using Nora, but he chooses not to. He chooses not to give up on Yukine. Ever since Hiyori had met him, he kept saying how people throwing their lives away makes him sad because regalia are people who died before their life reached its natural end, who still have the will to live, so Yato doesn’t wish to end Yukine’s existence prematurely.

But Yato could give up on Yukine, but I guess he truly does feel as if Yukine is his child, and he must rear him well.

Makes you wonder then, what sort of situation led Yato to kill a regalia then? Unless of course the killing of a Regalia is why he’s so adamant at getting things right this time.

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