Noragami Episode 6 Notes

February 11th, 2014.

Coming to Terms.

Well, it seems we’re going to get some plot, and that things are going to become more serious, right? Well, let’s see.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) On Being Objectified:

Noragami episode 6 notes anime - Yukine

  1. “This is Yato’s fault for using me against my will.” – Here Yukine is coming to terms with the fact that while he’s a person, he’s also literally an object. He’s not being objectified, he is an object!
  2. No Yukine, turn away from evil deeds! Though I can sort of get him, by disobeying others he is re-affirming his position as a human, he’s re-affirming the fact he has his own will.
  3. The dumbstruck look, we actually are more used to it from western drama shows/films, where someone gets kindness when they expect harsh treatment. That’s where Yukine is right now, adrift in the world, with Hiyori trying to be an anchor to him.
  4. And so, Yukine is tainting Yato, and Nora offers herself. Remember how this episode started, with Yukine disliking being used? With all the gods she swore allegiance to, Nora is seeking to get used. Also, with her restraining the lion, she clearly is more than she seems.

2) Scary Gods:

Noragami episode 6 notes anime - Bleeding Yato

  1. Now that is a war-god. Not only that, by riding the lion she seems to evoke the Chariot tarot card, a card symbolizing conquest, victory in battle.
  2. Yato looks scary, but we keep seeing him as scary only to find out he’s a softy. Sure, he’s a protagonist, so they may want us to know he’s actually good inside, but no one is to say that’s the truth. One can be complicated, and as he himself said he doesn’t observe human morality.

    Bishamon though, she looks like you wouldn’t want to mess with her.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Noragami episode 6 notes anime - Iki Hiyori

  1. That OP is pretty good, isn’t it? Certainly been growing on me.
  2. “Twilight acts as a boundary between night and day.” – And the common refrain of “boundaries” continues.
  3. Man, this show is so pretty. This sequence is just so pretty :) Here’s a gif (courtesy of IgorJay)
  4. Sawashiro Miyuki, and Kazuma sounds like Fukiyama Jun <3 <3 I love the voice actors in this series, and especially this episode :)
  5. This episode is very “fluffy” in its atmosphere, colour-wise. Soft pastel colours of the twilight, but Kofuku’s room was so very bright and crisp. She lives in her comedy 2d 4Koma world :)

Post Episode Thoughts:

Hm, this episode upped the pressure between Yukine and Yato, and within Yukine. We know a bit more about Yato, but we still don’t have a “plot” we can point a finger at. At this stage I don’t think there’ll be some long-form story beyond what we’re getting. The plot currently is telling us Yato’s story. Telling us of the relationship between Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori, and if people expect more, they’ll likely to be disappointed. We might get everything revealed in episode 10 or so, and then episodes 11-12 will be dealing with the fallout and finally accepting it, and if we receive a 2nd season we might get a long-form “plot”.

But there is a story here, and it’s slowly revealing Yato’s story, while we watch this dysfunctional family.

It does seem next episode will give us some truth-dump, about Yato, courtesy of Bishamon’s regalia, and we’ll get some more Fukiyama Jun time to boot.

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