Noragami Episode 4 Notes

January 26th, 2014.

Ominous Signs Amidst the Silliness.

Ok, let’s try downgrading my notes. Last episode we saw Yato to care about others, and that the celestial bureaucracy has some gods who had “made it”. We saw Yukine “cuts too sharply”, and that nothing is going on with solving Hiyori’s “situation”. Well, let’s see what happens this week.

Thoughts and Notes:

Noragami Episode 4 notes anime pretty wallpaper

1) This is some next level shit. Yato is imagining how he’ll feign sadness over the emptiness in his life once he attains his goal, while dreaming of attaining his goal… talk about an act.

2) Eesh, Yato always looks so scary and ominous when he looks behind his shoulders. Also, he’ll show us what a god is truly capable of? I know we’ve all been waiting for it, and I’m sure it’s going to be some sort of joke pretty soon :P

3) The breaking of the pot symbolizes breaking his dreams. No, it’s the breaking of his dreams, not his goals. To achieve his goals he needs to be active, to go and do. To sit and wish is what people pray to gods for, but gods don’t have that luxury (and neither do most people. Also, look at Hiyori, she has to work to motivate her god ;-)).

4) So pretty <3

5) Wow, reallyYato is absolutely the worst. So he has a girlfriend, but not only is he dreaming of a harem,he only goes to her when he needs something, and tries to guilt-trip her into giving him money. And then, he wants to use the money, which he received in order to take care of Yukine, and gamble with it… this is a continuation of the whole pot-deal. Yato, time to work!

Noragami Episode 4 notes anime Yato and Kufuku

6) The marketing company man telling his story, “I could tell she grew up in a very strict household,” just after she said it, and the elevator music. Truly feels like a scene out of a VN :3

7) Here it is again, Yato’s unwillingness to accept people who throw away their lives. Of course, here he is trying to stop him, and previously he said they can’t be helped. So, is there a phantom at work here pushing this man to despair? Seems this time it’s a goddess. Phantoms and gods, truly more similar than one might have thought.

8) I did wonder, is every episode going to be a bunch of silliness, then a job, and it ends with Yato using Yukine to “Rend” whatever it is? And then the episode kept going. That Nora girl has a bunch of writing on her, you know what that means? She has a bunch of names, she’d been the regalia of numerous gods. So why does she still have the names on her? Did she kill them, so the name could not be removed? Did she collect gods whom “owned” her? A tad worrying, and the first semblance of a real plot.

A real plot, I hear you ask, then what about Hiyori? That’s premise. It’ll get resolved when we know for sure Hiyori isn’t going to leave, but that’s what got the show off. No, that’s not plot, at least not for now. Maybe in the future.

Noragami Episode 4 notes anime Nora words

9) It took an ass-kicking, gruff-looking and all too serious of a person, but in the end we did have a homey scene, where everyone seems happy, where things finally look like home. Well, you know a show can’t allow such a situation to remain, so early into the season, so we see Yato as a god of war (Kratos? :D), as a samurai? This is further traces of plot. No, it’s nothing that’s “happening”, but combined with Yato’s warning to Hiyori, it means something could happen, and it’s somewhat of an emotional plot. Even if nothing would actually happen on the physical level, that Hiyori thinks of things could bring forth change and “movement”.

It was an alright episode, seems that yeah, it’s more of a mystery-oriented show than a popcorn one. A popcorn show couldn’t really survive with one action sequence (lasting ~10 seconds) each episode. I think it’ll take them about two more episodes to truly get the plot going. And no, Yato doesn’t really have a girlfriend. Poor Yato :P

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