Noragami Episode 3 Notes

January 19th, 2014.

Silly God, Serious God, Sad God.

Well, we have a popcorn show without much action, but it’s very pretty, and well-acted. We have our basic dysfunctional family, with an unreliable father, a narcoleptic mother, and a defiant son, what could go wrong? Also, seems we’re going to keep introducing more cast-members. I’m actually quite curious what the main plot would be.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Hato And Yukine’s Comedic Routine:

Noragami episode 3 notes anime

1) So, this boy who died once is freezing to death but is too proud to wear that jacket. Interesting that spirits can feel cold. Also, considering he’s invisible to most people, what does he care what he looks like? And the answer is simple – we always dress for ourselves, and for how we perceive ourselves, or perceive ourselves perceived by others as, rather than merely for others.

Unless it’s a family wedding, or your sister-in-law’s, and then family members must be appeased >.>

And then he asks why he feels physical cold! Huzzah!

2) Considering how he lords over his Regalia, and how cheap and in general how much of a dork he is, it’s no wonder Yato’s last Regalia resigned. Also, Yato had never been a human, his Regalia had been – so of course they balk at the treatment and conditions in which they serve. (Yes, dat photobomb ;))

3) Recently dead teenage boys are the worst! Forever stuck in their rebellious phase :P

2) On Gods and Spirits:

Noragami episode 3 notes anime

1) So, they’re not invisible, but attention slides off of them like water off of a duck, very much like Death in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

2) “As your master, I sense all your wicked thoughts!” – Well, that explains why all the scriptures are filled with commands to having clean minds – we’re disrupting the deities with our errant, lewd thoughts. They’re busy designing trees, and BAM! “Did you see that ass?” the thought comes unbidden into their deific minds… hee hee.

3) A proper god! A nice poem! We’re in the presence of your betters, Yato.

4) Just like Madoka, Kyoukai no Kanata, and other shows, spirits arise from negative feelings, and then spread more negative feelings. In a way, they’re like bacteria which spreads itself, eh?

5) Yuki “cuts too well”, and it’s an issue of concern for Yato. Not only that, but the fact that Yukine has no handle, no grip, is something we’ve already remarked upon. He’s a naked blade. Hm.

3) Yato Can Do Serious:

Noragami episode 3 notes anime

1) The sadness, the emptiness, the distance in this shot is vast. They live in the cracks between worlds, and as such, they fall out of notice.

2) Hm, I’m not sure what sort of argument Yato is making here. He begins by saying “If they want to die, let them,” which seems he’s talking about free will, then he moves to “They can’t even be used as Regalia” which makes him sound as if they’re useless to him, which is why he’d let them die, but he’s not, here. His point is that their spiritual contamination continues before death, which leaves us with the final bit he speaks, “It’s hopeless. Nothing can be done.” Accept reality as it is, rather than as you wish it to be.

3) Ok, I didn’t figure it out on my own, what Hiyori explained, but the moment really failed to hit me as emotional :-/

Shorter Asides/Art:

Noragami episode 3 notes anime

  1. A red and green blood-splatter, soul-people called “Shinki”, makes one think of Shigi and Kara no Kyoukai. Speaking of which, hopefully this week I’ll get through the 5th one, finally.
  2. If nothing else, this show never fails to impress me with just how drop-dead gorgeous the execution is. It’s not even about having a great visual design, it’s just how crispy and clean and high-quality almost every frame is.
  3. Badass Hiyori. All her knowledge of wrestling finally coming in handy. And of course, her spirit-body.

Post Episode Notes:

Well, this was still a popcorn episode. We learned a tiny bit about Yato’s personality, we saw Yukine’s personality but it’s nothing we didn’t see before, so no real expansion. We’re still in the area where we’re building our characters, and hopefully later we’ll see all the pieces actually moving, and some plot beginning to form. It’s probably a show one needs to marathon, but we’re still in the “Nothing really happens” territory, not just plot-level, because we don’t really learn much of the world or the characters either.

It actually feels fine, but when you think back you realize nothing happened, which is quite interesting to observe.

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