Noragami Episode 2 Notes

January 15th, 2014.

Happy Go Lucky Gone Wrong in a Dark World Without Knowledge

Well, the setting is interesting, the characters are neat, let’s see where we go from here.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Happy as a Lark:

Noragami episode 2 anime

  1. She’s washing her spirit hair, instead of washing her sleeping body’s hair, what good does that do? :3 Also, yes, double fan-service with one girl.
  2. Yes, cats are cute ^_^
  3. Well, this show deals with it both figuratively and literally – Hiyori Iki, she has a liminal existence now, she had crossed the borders of reality – she stands between life and death, between our world and that of the spirits. Between wakefulness and sleep. She is a medium. Like many characters in a Hero’s Journey tale, who are forced out of their lives, out of their reality, she had been as well, both figuratively and literally.
  4. This show is so well drawn :)
  5. Watching people having fun is funnot just moping about, but, I’m sure we’re about to see the “price”, the danger she is put into, the distance between her and her old life, just about now.
  6. A reminder, a glimpse into the other world, the one she now has a foot in. (The art is so crispy, squee!)
  7. Such gode, much dignity, wow.

2) A couple of Jokers:

Noragami episode 2 anime

  1. “How are you any different from a phantom?” – That’s such a good question. Spirits are spirits, so what’s the difference? And in his answer, Yato didn’t really give an answer, but just side-stepped it. And yes, our heroine is a “living phantom”, which is sort of a contradiction, since the Far Shore is where things aren’t alive, and both phantoms and “gods” are from there. Well, this will be interesting, how our heroine is going to attract trouble.

    For all that he seems so very goofy and irresponsible, Yato can sure come off as intense, especially when delivering a warning.

  2. “You won’t hesitate to cross lines that shouldn’t be crossed.” – See, liminality, boundary-breaking! The whole concept of taboos is often described via “boundary-blurring”. Boundaries are enforced to show what is “right”. But our character is by mere act of existence one who blurs and crosses boundaries right now, such as between human and spirit, life and death.
  3. Dreams are colourful, and it’s a nice dream, one I can relate to, of having your own personal bath and toilet. Ah, the joys of your own lavatory!If anyone is over the line and beyond help, it might be you, Yato :P
  4. Our couple, but she is only the “straight man” sometimes, when he’s being silly. In the end, she’s clueless, and we saw before how silly she’d been, jumping around on power-lines, happy as a lark.

3) The World is a Scary Place:

Noragami episode 2 anime

  1. Heh, every time he’s intense, he looks back behind his shoulder, somewhat head-tilting. Have you been watching too much _monogatari, Yatoto-sama? Forgive me, I bit my tongue! (For those who don’t know, Yato is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi, who plays Araragi in the Monogatari series, adapted by Shaft).
  2. “I have no one else to turn to, what should I do?” – “Fighto!” her spirit cries to her! Be self-sufficient! Help yourself! Heh.

    And then her conclusion isn’t how to help herself, but how to help Yato help her, by finding someone else to help Yato… in other words, she’s creating an ever-longer chain of people to rely on, but well, it’s not like she can do much. Still wonky :-/

  3. Yeah, I too wondered, on the phone he answers as “Delivery God Yato!” and yet he says he’s a “God of War” – I wonder what wish gave birth to him.
  4. This is your fault Yato-sanA little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. She’s like a child left amidst murderers and hoodlums – I did say she’s clueless a few points back! But yeah, she doesn’t know how logic works – “A Regalia is a spirit, phantoms are spirits, so a phantom regalia!” – There are many different types of spirits, maybe you’d want to educate her properly.
  5. Eesh, that must’ve hurt.
  6. Kids these days! “You mean I’m not wireless?!” – Heh. Well, considering how it’s an extremity, and easy to reach, it being cut meaning her death is indeed something to worry over.
  7. Interesting. A ghost with no place to return, though it has a past, it is shorn from it. A name-granting, symbolizing a rebirth. A name-granting, an act of creation. A name-granting, the birth of a new entity, of a new person. How very fitting.
  8. And in case you forgot – Yato looking serious with his new sword, laying waste to evil, for this is an action show.

Post Episode Notes:

Noragami episode 2 anime

Let’s begin with the ending, this show is still very much an action show, I think. We’re not going to have endless action, but it sure looks pretty when it’s there, but the show also looks really pretty in other shows. Here is a small album of pretty shots from this episode.

The other thing about the ending is we got to see a small glimpse of Yukine’s history, of his past, and that Yato cares for people.

Well, this episode sure was a sight, at least. We got to learn slightly more about the spirit world, but only a tiny amount, and also a bit more on Hiyori’s predicament, her situation. We did learn more about her in a thematic sense, as we addressed the liminal concept, and that she could be contaminated, or rather, lured to cross to the side of “evil”, which is more fun.

Actually breaking down what this episode had been about shows me we didn’t actually learn more of the world, or of the characters, we did get to know them better in terms of mannerisms and attitudes, by spending more time with them – but in the end, this episode was more about the beautiful sights, the slight comedy, and just getting to be along the characters more, it was about “having fun”, and it was fun, so it was ok. Early episodes usually either hit you hard with the characters/settings, or just let you be alongside them before diving into things.

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