Noragami Episode 1 Notes

January 5th, 2014.

First Impressions – Bones Delivers a Uniquely Beautiful Popcorn Show

Of the endless popcorn shows this season, especially on Sunday, this is one to which I have higher expectations. I’ve heard the source material is more “serious”, and it’s by BONES. So let’s see what we have.

First Impressions:

Noragami anime episode 1

  1. Hell yeah, after last season had 3 popcorn shows looking anywhere between average and shit, this show looks sweet. Good visual direction, popping colours, nice contrasts… this is what I want my popcorn shows to look like!
  2. And we also have ye olde comedy tropes to fall back on. Nothing great thus far, but at least it’s again, animated superbly. OP tells us it’s not the last we see of the dagger-lady.
  3. I like such shows – for a “deity”, he’s very down to earth. Let’s see where they take this.
  4. The hospital and the eyes, just like Kara no Kyoukai, or Kyoukai no Kanata – all the suffering and ill feelings manifest as a malevolent spirit.And just like at school, we have someone who hears all the voices, all the people crying out which later coalesce, and who can see the supernatural.
  5. It sure is nice to have goals in one’s life, the drawback is when you keep whiplashing between unrealistic hope and abject despair :P
  6. When we see the camera focusing on her, as she remembers the catwow, that moment isn’t at all special in terms of visual design, but the execution is amazingly crisp.
  7. She has a tail, she wants to nap all the time… she’s now half-cat :P
  8. Well, that certainly is worrying, *gulp*
  9. So colourful, the Araragi-voice, the cat-girl, the spirits. Yeah, makes one think of _monogatari on some superficial level :)
  10. So every time she feels drowsy her soul is slipping out of her body? That could get inconvenient.
  11. No wonder you’re so far from building your temple, Yato. Going 5 yen at a time, it’s going to be a long, longroad.

OP – Stylized, vibrant, well-coloured, got a good energy. I’m not a fan, personally, but I don’t dislike it, and it’s very well-made.

ED – Again, well made, good usage of blues, purples, and red as a stark contrast. Song has a solid amount of energy, but again, not my thing. Well made, again.

Post Episode Notes:

Noragami anime episode 1

Exactly what I want in a popcorn show. Well animated, interesting setting with actually interesting mysteries/elements. I like the voice actors, the characters and the show had done nothing to annoy me or make me sick of the show…

Also, it’s not just well-animated, it’s down-right gorgeous. No, the visual design isn’t extraordinary, but the execution is off-the-charts good.

Chances of episodic write-ups – Seems like zero for now, but post-episode notes seem likely, and as we’ll get introduced more to the setting and cosmology, there might be a meatier point or two now and then.

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