Nobunagun Episode 7 Notes

February 18th, 2014.

Action, but not fully committed.

Last week’s episode not only was Sio and Nobunaga-free, it was also quite bad. A typical shounen tries to do a murder mystery and it falling flat. This week we’re back to the gang. Please deliver, Nobunagun.

Shorter Thoughts:

Nobunagun Episode 7 anime - Shooting frenzy Ogura Sio

  1. Americans, always thinking they can handle everything on their own ;)
  2. Yeah Sio, we can’t let the Americans use a nuke because they’ll destroy Musashi! Way to get your priorities straight :P
  3. Nobunagun’s stance, the ships in the water. They’re re-using material from previous episodes.
  4. Bloodthirsty Nobunagun, wants to be in the midst of things, wants to inflict maximum carnage.
  5. Berserker Nobunagun is best Nobunagun.
  6. And the “Proud Americans” dig continues, with how the captain of the carrier will not avoid collision course just because he’ll get laughed if he turns “chicken”. No, you’ll be the laughing stock for ramming your ship into an alien controlled vessel for your pride…

Meatier Thoughts:

Nobunagun Episode 7 anime - Jack the Ripper and Galileo aren't impressed

  1. Sio thinks of the Evolutionary Object as a fellow Otaku, going to the lengths of reconstructing Musashi perfectly and then even aiming for its historical target. Her fellow E-Gene holders aren’t as impressed. You know, considering they’re E-Gene holders, you’d think they’d be more interested in the past, yet only Sio seems to have that predisposition.

    But I do sort of agree with her, watching evolution before your eyes, watching something akin to a self-correcting algorithm build a working ship? That is impressive.

  2. Now I understand what Galiko’s suit is, it’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa, from which Galileo is said to have dropped two cannonballs of different mass :)
  3. “AU weapons only work on Evolutionary Objects”, talk about knowledge coming out of nowhere… and what of the armoured Invasion Object? Guess it only works on flesh, then.
  4. The Musashi sinking and then some tentacles wrapping around a skull? Very sci-fi film ending, leaving an opening for next time. But hadn’t they learnt two weeks ago how the Evolutionary Objects share information? Will they not share information of what happened here, and also of how to build ships? :3

Ok, so now we have the first platoon from last week meeting with our 2nd platoon, but considering how little we actually got to know them last week, I’m not sure it was necessary or even beneficial to have that episode.

Post Episode Thoughts:

This was easily a better episode than last week’s, but that’s not very hard, is it? It feels as if the show is somewhat tired. There was action this week, but it was very little, and it didn’t try to do anything new, and it didn’t feelenergetic. The thing that made me fall in love with episodes 1-2 was how energy poured out of them, how much fun it’d been. This feels as if the show already reached its old age :p Next episode seems as if it might be filled to the brim with action, though.

The characters scream to convince us they’re committed, but they need to scream harder, and more often :P

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