Nobunagun Episode 6 Notes

February 9th, 2014.

No Nobunagun in the Frozen North

Real talk time? I didn’t care much for last episode. For me this show lives and dies with Sio being a badass, and how much of Oda Nobunaga we get. Last episode’s action was too little, and it wasn’t very impressive either. I need me more of that grand dead man, of that old crazy.

I hope this week delivers. The preview made it seem like perhaps we won’t even get Sio? Well, we’ll see. Time for crazy, and by crazy I mean crazy fights, not just some crazy lechers :3

Thoughts and Notes:

  1. That person seems less than thrilled being placed in this cold and god-forsaken place. Considering I’m suffering so much from it being about 15 degrees celsius here recently, I can’t really blame him.
  2. Gaudi kneeling as he made his report, on a moving airplane, it just felt bizarre. Well, not as bizarre as everyone here is dressed, but we’re used to that by now.
  3. So (Antoni) Gaudi is an architect, and can create objects, similar to Robert Capa, but not illusions, I guess?
  4. Geronimo was an Indian leader, of the Apache, apparently. What is he known for (skills and such, that is)? Beats me.
  5. Poor Gaudi, thinking that’s Sio’s real body. Then again, he had a crush on her before he’d even seen what she looks like, so it doesn’t really matter, but he’ll be disappointed when faced with her for real.
  6. A prank leading to a psychotic breakdown. Humans are scary beings.

Poor Episode Thoughts:

Erm, see what I said before this episode? I can’t say I’m all too pleased with this episode. This show is called Nobunagun, and I wanted to see Nobunagun :P We only got Capa’s version of swim-suit Nobunagun, and while we can’t complain about them, it’s just a poor imitation.

I didn’t really care for this crew, and I couldn’t even find out who Cyx is based on. It was sort of a murder mystery, but there wasn’t much of an actual mystery feel about it, more like an action show giving us a poor man’s version.

What had been interesting this episode though is seeing how the revelation of Dogoo and the Evolutionary Invasion Object had affected the world. In many similar stories you’d have a slowly growing “Church” that worships and follows the invading monsters, some as a punishment or messengers by God, others as these beings being the new deities, etc. So we got to see a bit of the world outside being affected by these changes.

Well, next week we’re back to Sio and Nobunagun, I can’t wait.

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